Here Comes the Groom
Here Comes the Groom
Location Swept Away
Start Time 5PM, September 26th
End Time 9AM, September 27th
Psychopath Randy Tugman
Survivor(s) Danni Bodine
PP 30,000 (Psychopath Defeat)

15,000 (Join)
30,000 (Escort)

"Chuck, I just saw someone carrying a bride into the Swept Away chapel in the Silver Strip... kind of a weird time to get married. Check it out?"
Stacey Forsythe

Here Comes the Groom is a mission in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. This mission involves a psychopath, Randy Tugman, who has been capturing women and forcing the justice of the peace, who is also his father, to marry them in the Swept Away Wedding Chapel. Chuck arrives just as Emanuel is being forced to marry Randy to Danni Bodine.


Randy Tugman is an obese man in a fetish costume wielding a Giant Chainsaw. He is holding his father hostage along with Danni, a woman in a wedding dress, attempting to force his father to marry them just so he could have sex with her. Danni tries to escape, but is held back and told by Randy not to worry, looking in the direction of a dead bride, who he says meant nothing to him. When Chuck enters the chapel, Randy's father shouts in relief. But before Chuck can save him, Randy disembowels him with his chainsaw, then attacks Chuck for ruining his big day.

After Chuck defeats Randy, he falls to the floor in agony. The undead bride, walks towards him, and Randy thinks it's Danni, and says they would be happy together if everything went great. Randy realizes too late this is the dead bride he killed, shortly before being eaten. Chuck then saves Danni and escorts her to the Safe House.

After Randy is killed, Chuck can use his Giant Pink Chainsaw as a weapon.

Mission Dialogue Edit

Off the Record Mission DialogueEdit

Dialogue of the mission in the Off the Record game files. All text may not be actually used in the final game.

Battling RandyEdit

Dead rising randy bust


Randy can be one of the more difficult psychopaths unless the player knows the tricks to defeating him. First, Chuck should bring a gun, a Merc Assault Rifle probably works best but a Handgun will do in a pinch.

Don't be fooled by Randy's size, not only does he have a lot of health, but he is very fast on his feet and is more than capable of outrunning Chuck. His attack pattern is fairly simple. He will sprint at Chuck and slash out with his Giant Pink Chainsaw, often flailing in a circular motion (which has good range for a melee weapon due to its large size). If the attack connects, he will perform a short pelvic thrust victory dance before repeating the process. It recommended that any survivors with Chuck/Frank be left outside far from Randy's reach as he can easily take them out.


  • When Randy scores a successful hit upon Chuck Randy he stop moving and attacking, and do a short pelvic thrust as a victory animation. This can be exploited for counter attack with a ranged weapon to his pig-belt. This will cause Randy to keel over for an extended amount of time, at which point Chuck can likely defeat him in a few shots with a powerful melee weapon.
  • After completing his charge attack's animation without harming Chuck, Randy will stop and attempt to catch his breath. This can be exploited for a short string of attacks. If there is enough damage Randy will be knocked down, allowing for even more attacks.


  • Use a long or quick weapon, and use the walls around the pews to your advantage. Whenever Randy gets close, vault over the short wall. Be careful not to attempt a vault where the actual benches are or Chuck may get blocked. Randy will usually swing at Chuck, causing him to spin around on the other side of the wall. If using a long weapon, like the Pole Weapon or Defiler (Secondary attack, Brief), Chuck can reach over the wall and strike him, usually for decent damage, once, every time he stops. On occasion, he may swing to close and hit Chuck, but with proper caution, this is not common. Exploiting his vulnerable animations is possible, but a safe win can be obtained by simply repeating this method.
  • Another tactic is to stay close to Randy. If Chuck is close to him he will do one of two attacks: two slices in front of him, or a spin slice. If Chuck is in front of him when he attacks he will slice twice in front of him, taking steps as he does this. When he starts his first slice it should be far enough for him to miss Chuck. Step to one side of him so his second slice misses, there will be a pause where Chuck can strike him twice before Chuck will have to get out of the way. If Chuck is close to either Randy's back or his sides he will do a spin move that doesn't give Chuck enough time to strike him safely.
  • A Chainsaw or the Paddlesaw works quite well against him when Randy stops for breath or while he is doing his victory dance. If Chuck performs the Paddlesaw combo card's secondary attack, it can easily take off half of Randy's health before he can retaliate.
  • Beware: Survivors brought along can engage him, and if so, can and often will be killed very quickly; leave them somewhere safe if possible. Hot Excitorama is a possible suggestion, with closed doors.
  • Be cautious when attacking from the front - even when Randy is taunting Chuck or catching his breath, the chainsaw's size means that any front attacks can be interrupted by Chuck brushing the chainsaw blade and taking damage.
  • Another option is to have one, maybe two of the Drillers for the fight as the standard attack is an overhand thrust followed by an underhand thrust, this underhand thrust can hit the pig head from the front, which will immobilize Randy and do maybe 1/8th or 1/10th of the health bar for each attack. Beware the chainsaw, it is recommend that Chuck has 6-7 bars of health.
  • If the player chooses to fight bare-handed or have no weapons at all, then Chuck's Elbow Drop can be really effective on him if used properly, just wait for Randy to gasp for breath, then run up to him and do an Elbow Drop. You'll most likely able to hit him once, or twice if you're lucky enough.


  • When Randy is taunting, shoot him in the pig covering his crotch with any ranged weapon. This will cause him to keel over, allowing Chuck to get in close with a melee weapon and making this a very easy fight.
  • Rocket Launcher Draw Randy out of the chapel then shot. Each shot will temporarily stun him for a few rounds before he will become immune to stun and just charge at Chuck. This method will kill him in less than 75 rounds, but there's the risk of Danni getting hit by one of the rockets.
  • Power Guitar Vault over the wall next to the pews as Randy gets close, attack and repeat. Damage can be minimized, as well as the Power Guitar's uses, utilizing surprisingly less that 60% on average.
  • Draw Randy outside and jump onto the round kiosk. Chuck has to jump onto the metal awning from the back side of the kiosk. Chuck can do this right after he shoots him. It will be close, and don't fall, as Randy is very fast. From here Chuck can use ranged weapons, but most don't do nearly as much damage as melee weapons such as the sword or Knife Gloves. After a few moments Randy will retreat back into the chapel.
  • Engage Randy then run out of the chapel. Make a machine gun bike and drive into the chapel and open fire on him. Chuck will be able to take of a large amount of his health before either the guns run out of ammo or Randy destroys the bike. This will only work if Chuck has an LMG and has killed Leon Bell.
  • One safe but somewhat slow way to kill Randy is to confront him with one LMG and two or three shotguns. As the battle starts, run to the other side of the pews, and fire at him with one of the guns. As he comes for Chuck again, jump over to the other side and begin shooting him again. Randy will occasionally hit Chuck with his chainsaw even if Chuck jumped over, so it is recommended that some food is brought. This tactic is generally safe, as Randy will have a hard time damaging Chuck if he quickly moves from side to side, all the while Chuck chips away at Randy's health with the LMG and shotguns.


  • In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record you can get high Special bonuses when he makes his obscene gestures after hitting the player, you can get Outtake bonuses if you take pictures of him when he is exhausted or when he has been shot in the groin, you can also get a Brutality bonus if you take a picture of his body after his death.
  • The PC files such as missions.txt call this mission "SexDeviant".
  • In Dead Rising 2 as the zombie is eating Randy Chuck says: "You may now kiss the bride." In Off the Record this has been changed to: "You may now feed the bride."
  • If you leave the chapel after the cutscene but before killing him, he will be distracted with the bride when you come back.
  • The mattress nearby imply Randy intends to "lose his virginity" there right after the marriage however there is already blood on the mattress implying that he raped and murdered the previous bride or is a necrophiliac.
  • The name of the mission is a portmanteau of the statement "Here comes the bride" and the groom, the person who the bride is marrying.
  • The music used for this fight is a shortened version of Shiny by Blue Stahli.



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