Hero of Fortune City
DR2 A 016 Hero of Fortune City
Description Save 50 survivors. What a great guy!
Item Unlocked Mall Patrol Jacket
Trophy/Points Value 20G

Hero of Fortune City is an achievement/trophy in Dead Rising 2.

This achievement is unlocked by locating 50 survivors and escorting them back to the Safe House.

In order to save 50 survivors, Chuck must finish the game's main story by completing case files. The reward for this achievement is the Mall Patrol Jacket, which will become available at the clothing locker at the safe house.


Main article: Dead Rising 2 Survivors
  • There are a total of 65 survivors who can be rescued in total.
  • Only eight survivors can be outside the Safe House at once, whether they are with Chuck or on their own. If there are too many other survivors in play, certain side missions may not become available. This is especially true when multiple survivors are involved.
  • Some survivors appear in unmarked missions, so a guide may be necessary for a list of all survivors.
  • To save time, the player may want to skip psychopath battles, with the exception of One Hit Wonder.
  • Chuck can escort an existing group of survivors to another side mission, instead of taking them directly back to the Safe House.
  • The player should make the Wilted Flower mission a priority, since it opens the passage between Royal Flush Plaza and Palisades Mall. Having access to this passage makes several other rescues much easier.
  • Survivors are fairly durable, but they can be killed. It is in the player's best interest to provide the ones who accept weapons with the best hardware available. No survivor will use combo weapons or large weapons.
  • Worn-out weapons and guns that are nearly empty can be given to survivors and they will not break or run out of ammo while the survivor is using them.
  • It is also wise to carry extra healing items to heal survivors with. Certain survivors cannot be healed, and therefore should not be escorted too far.
  • A survivor who dies or defects before reaching the bunker does not count. The player needs to be aware of any survivors following closely behind him.
  • The handful of survivors who reach the bunker along with Chuck and Katey do not count toward this achievement, since Chuck didn't actually save them.
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