High Rollers
Dead rising High Rollers
Location Atlantica Casino Poker Room
Start Time 1AM, September 27th
End Time 1PM, September 27th
Survivor(s) Jessica Howe
Jacob Skinner
Nevada Slim
PP 15,000 (Join, Each)

30,000 (Escort, Each)

"Poker? Is everyone in this freaking town insane?"
Chuck talking to Jacob

High Rollers is an unmarked mission in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It involves three people, Jacob, Nevada, and Jessica. They will not join Chuck's party unless all three are knocked out of a poker game.


Chuck finds three people, Jessica Howe, Nevada Slim, and Jacob Skinner, loitering in the Atlantica Casino. They will not budge from their position without a game of poker. Chuck's best bet is to play the game smart and sometimes bluff if necessary. In order to play, Chuck must put $100,000 down. Beat all three and they will join your party. Chuck wins $1,000,000 if he defeats all three of these players.

Each of the players have a distinct personality. Nevada is fairly gung-ho and willing to bet quite heavily on even the most meager of hands. Jacob is fairly conservative until it's down to Chuck and him, although when he has what he thinks is a good hand he will bet a lot of his money. Jessica is incredibly meek, often folding unless she has a very good hand. It takes a bit get her to do anything other than check or call your bet.[1]

A quicker way to beat the trio is to pick up the three gambling magazines. The magazines will give Chuck better cards and have his opponents put in more money, leading to them losing faster.

Mission DialogueEdit

Dialogue of the mission in the Off the Record game files. All text may not be actually used in the final game.

Poker Rules and TipsEdit

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Poker handsEdit

The following is the best Texas Hold ’Em poker hands, from best (rarest) to worst (most common):
  • Royal Flush (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, all of the same suit)
  • Straight Flush (a five-card Straight, all of the same suit)
  • Four of a Kind (four of any one card, such as four Kings or four 4s)
  • Full House (Three of a Kind, plus a Pair)
  • Flush (any five cards, all of the same suit)
  • Straight (five cards in consecutive order, such as 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
  • Three of a Kind (three of any one card, such as three jacks or three 3s)
  • Two Pair (two separate Pairs of cards, such as two 9s and two 5s)
  • One Pair (one Pair of cards, such as two aces or two 2s)
  • High Card (If no player has made even one Pair, then the player with the highest hole card wins)
Dead rising texas hold em flush

Flush, five clubs



Dead rising texas hold em start

Players dealt two hole cards

Each player is dealt two private cards (called hole or pocket cards), which only they may see.

Dead rising texas hold blinds

At the beginning of each game, the small and big blind amounts are listed

First round
Big and Small Blind

One player automatically must pay the big blind (BB) bet. The player to the left of the big blind is forced to post the small blind (SB), which is always half of the big blind.
The remaining players can review their hidden hole cards before deciding whether to:

Dead rising texas hold em call

Kristin calls

  1. "call" the big blind (bet the same amount and play their hand) or
  2. "fold" (bet nothing and sit out the hand).
  3. "raise" on any turn. Raising is betting even more than the current wager. Once a raise has been made, all other players must pay the raised amount "call the bet" if they want to continue playing the hand.

Second round
three cards "flop"
Dead rising texas hold em flop

Flop appears on the right side

After everyone at the table has had a turn, three cards are dealt face up on the middle of the table. This is called the "flop." These cards dealt to the center of the table are community cards and all players can use them. The idea is to combine the central cards with your two secret hole cards to form the best five-card poker hand.

A round of betting follows the flop, in which each player may decide whether to check (take no action) or bet (raise the money). If all players check, no additional money is required.

Community card "turn"
Dead rising texas hold em turn

One more card added to the community cards, in this case a queen of hearts

One more community card is flipped onto the table next to the other three, this is called the "turn."

  1. If any player bets, all other players must either call the bet to continue playing, or
  2. a player can raise the bet, placing even more money into the pot and forcing the initial better to call.
  3. The third option is to fold, forfeiting any money you have placed into the pot thus far and giving up on the hand.

Community card "river" and reveal cards
Dead rising texas hold em river

"River" card added to the four, in this photo the three of clubs

After the turn, the fifth and final card is dealt and added to the first four. This is called the "river." A final round of betting follows afterward, all players who are still in the game must reveal their private hole cards, thereby showing their entire hand. The player whose hole cards help them create the best five-card poker hand wins, collecting all money in the main pot.

Side pot

It is also possible to have a "side pot" in poker. This happens when one player bets all of their stack of chips, while other players with larger stacks carry on betting.


  • Fold if you have a weak hand: If you are dealt weak hole cards, such as a 4-8 off suit (unsuited), don’t hesitate to fold. Your rivals can eliminate each another without your help; you do not need to play every hand. The worst starting hand is the 7-2 off suit, because the value of both cards is low and you have little chance of making a Flush or Straight.
  • High Hands Are Rare: It is not very often that someone makes a Straight or Flush in a four-handed poker game—the odds are quite high against it. If you’ve made Two Pair or Three of a Kind, feel confident that you have drawn the best hand, and play the hand aggressively.
  • Call the big blind: If you have been forced to post the small blind, you might as well call the big blind, even if you are not sitting on the greatest hole cards. It is only half the amount of the big bind to call, and you might draw a lucky flop and end up winning a lot.
  • Count cards: Consider the community cards, think of all the hands your rivals could potentially have and watch how they bet. If you have a pretty good hand, such as a "Top Pair" (the highest possible pair), place a small bet and see how your opponents react. If someone raises you, chances are they may have something even better, such as a Two Pair or Three of a Kind. Consider folding unless you are certain they’re bluffing.
  • The kicker card: Being dealt a King is great, but this does not help if the other hole card is weak, like a 3. Even if you have a two pair of kings on the flop, a rival may have done the same, and their other hole card (known as the “kicker”) would likely be greater in this case. Play weak hands like a king and a 6 when it is cheap to buy in, otherwise fold immediately.
  • Entice rivals to bet: Even if you have made a great hand, such as flopping a Two Pair or Three of a Kind, check instead of betting. This can entice your rivals to bet, because they assume that your hand is weak. Call each bet until you reach the river card, then make a bold raise and see if they fall for it. Even if they somehow have you beat, you have risked less money by checking and calling instead of betting and raising.
  • Aggressive at the end: Start playing more aggressively as players are eliminated from the game. Bet with every hand before the flop, this is because players are far more likely to draw weak hole cards than strong ones in Texas Hold ’Em, and betting early will usually entice your rivals to fold.[2]
  • The magic of time travel: A tactic that obviously does not apply in real life, simply do nothing but go All In until another player does the same. If you lose, just reload your save, go back to the poker game, and try it again until it works. In High Rollers you'll have to keep going if you don't want to pay the buy-in again, but in Ante Up you can quit the round and come back with no penalties except for your money being reset. More than any other strategy this relies on having all three Gambling magazines, but sometimes cheaters do prosper.


  • Due to the large sum of money ($1,000,000), High Rollers is the most profitable mission in Dead Rising 2.
    • During Coop, the prize money is split between the two players ($500,000 each).
  • Chuck can only read messages when it is his turn, but he can answer urgent calls no matter whose turn it is.
  • An easier and quicker way to beat the trio in poker is to go to the Palisades Mall, the Royal Flush Plaza, and the Shamrock Casino to get the gambling magazines. The magazines will give Chuck better cards and have his opponents put in more money, leading to their loss quicker.
  • If you lose a game, you can try again for another $100,000.
    • ​However, any player you have knocked out already would no longer be participating making succeeding games easier.


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