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"Adorable. I do so love a hero wannabe. Let's see if he stands up to the test or limps out at the end."
—Sgt. Hilde, on Nick

Sergeant Hilde Schmittendorf is the quaternary antagonist and a psychopath in Dead Rising 3.

She is the end boss of Chapter 3. Hilde works for General Hemlock as his chief of security and was sent to clean up Los Perdidos under his orders. She is first seen during a television broadcast with Hemlock, although she is not encountered until Chapter 3. 

Dead Rising 3[]

When Nick Ramos enters the Los Perdidos Police Department Station Parking Garage, he hides behind a broken police car. Nick hears Hilde talking to a few special ops soldiers regarding the security camera footage that Nick came to look for, which she hides in her cleavage.

A civilian man carries his injured wife into the police station garage and asks for help. Once Hilde confirms that there are no other survivors with the man, she orders the special ops soldier to shoot the woman in the head. Once the woman is dead, Hilde snaps the man's neck.

Nick comes out of hiding and tries to reason with Hilde, not believing that she could murder innocent civilians so casually. She orders her special ops soldiers to deal with Nick while she runs up to the third floor of the station.

Nick must chase Hilde to the third floor where he will finally confront her. After she is defeated, Nick will tackle her out of the window. Nick positions himself on Hilde and cushions himself in her breasts. Nick will spit out the flash drive and then Hilde dies from the fall.

Battle Style[]

  • Hilde is armed with a rocket launcher and two Sgt. Pistols.
  • She shoots at Nick/Dick constantly, and her bullets can break glass and other items that may give cover. Her bullets can stun Nick/Dick.
  • If Nick/Dick too far from Hilde, she may shooting while relying on her cover move.
  • She will also throw flash grenades to stun and distract Nick/Dick. However, they also serve as Hilde's own vulnerability. The flash grenades can be thrown back at her before they detonate and upon successfully stunning her, she will be open for attacks and to being grabbed.
    • While she is stunned, she can be grabbed by pressing Y button and B button. Mash A button or X button to repeatedly punch her in the stomach. Finally, a head bash can be performed by pressing Y button.
  • After she reaches 50% health, she occasionally also using rocket launcher from middle or far distance to shoot Nick/Dick.
  • She has two health bars. After her second one has been depleted to the halfway point, she will call in reinforcements and she climbing leaving the third level of the police station, until Nick/Dick is clearing all out reinforcements or wait period of time she will come back there.
  • If Nick gets too close, she can successive melee him to the ground or grapple him.
    • In Hilde's grabbing quick time event, she will attempt to shove Nick/Dick face into her breasts.
  • Her attacks can do anywhere from 5 damage to 75 damage per hit. [2]
  • While connected to the Kinect, you can taunt her by saying "You're Crazy!", similar to Hunter, Diego and Red.


  • When she calls in reinforcements during a cutscene, the soldiers will enter through the windows, breaking them. Upon continuing the fight, the windows are not broken.
  • She is one of the five psychopaths with a military background to not be the final boss, the others being Cliff Hudson, Sgt. Dwight Boykin, Adam Kane, and Fontana.
  • She is the first Psychopath with a military background to be a woman, the second being Fontana.
  • Her name implies that she may be of German descent.
  • Her outfit is similar to Poison and Crimson Viper from the Street Fighter series , which is also made by Capcom.
  • She has similarities with Jo Slade, both wear police uniforms and have relations with sexual statements, Jo kidnapping women and sexually assaulting them, and Sgt. Hilde saying several double entendres and seducing Nick.
  • Hilde is the second female psychopath to sexually harass the protagonist, rather than survivors or minor characters. The first is Bibi Love from Dead Rising 2.
  • She's the first and only antagonist to kill someone by breaking their neck, she's also the first to dual wield guns.
  • She appears to wearing a choke collar under her tie.
  • As a glitch, if you use the electrofire staff before the cutscenes, sometimes, Hilde will be on fire and/or surrounded by electricity in the cutscenes. This applies to other psychopaths as well, such as General Hemlock or Darlene.
  • Hilde's uniform, appearance, name, and personality are heavily similar to, and likely based on, the character Ilsa, a sadistic, fetishistic German officer in the cult film Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS.
  • Given her appearance, personality and that her mission starts before Dylan's, she can be mistaken for the psychopath that embodies the deadly sin of Lust.
    • This could have been intentional however, as lust is described as an intense desire for an abstract concept. Given her enjoyment of fighting, killing, and traumatizing other people, she could represent a lust for violence.



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