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The Humvee also called a Jeep or SUV, is a vehicle and weapon in Dead Rising. It is driven by the three convicts in Leisure Park.

The Humvee is an excellent way to level up Frank. By simply driving over the hundreds of zombies gathered in Leisure Park can gain Frank massive Prestige Points. The truck will break if rammed into trees, walls and other objects too many times as well as idling in a pond.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Primary: Hold down the X button button to accelerate.
  • Reverse: Hold down the A button button to reverse.
  • Brake: Hold down the X button and A button buttons simultaneously to brake.

The Convicts[edit | edit source]

One jeep is driven and operated by the Convicts, and found in Leisure Park. This can be obtained anytime during the game starting at 6pm on the first day. There are three convicts in the first Humvee, Sam Franklin drives, Reginald Jenkins fires the heavy machine gun mounted on the rear of the vehicle, and Miguel Sanchez is armed with a baseball bat.

Overtime[edit | edit source]

The second Humvee in Dead Rising is driven by Isabela Keyes and Frank West during their escape from Willamette. It is nearly destroyed by Brock Mason in Overtime Mode. It is unknown who was firing the heavy machine gun, but it is thought to be Isabela, as she was in the gunner seat in cutscenes, and occasionally screams when hit during the actual battle.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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