Hungry Joe's Pizzeria
Store Number F106
Location Food Court
"Grab a slice of the classic American meal, pizza! Over 3 different varieties of meat and 1 different variety of cheese await in our gourmet kitchen! Only the best at Hungry Joe's!"
—Fortune City map description

Hungry Joe's Pizzeria is a restaurant located in the Food Court of Fortune City in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

Pizza restores four bars of health when eaten (and more with magazines), and so Hungry Joe's may be a good place to stock up on healing items. It has eight pizzas total.

There is a Zombrex poster in between the pizzeria and Speedy Expresso, to the right of the entrance.





  • The music playing in the store is the same music that plays during the "Cash Me If You Can" minigame.
Dead rising hungry joes poster
  • According to two posters on the wall, the pizza of the day is three cheese and the combo of the day is soda and Calzone.
  • The store's slogan is "Real Italian subs & calzones!"


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