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Hunk of Meat (Dead Rising)
Dead rising Hunk of Meat
Type Melee
Damage 0 (Primary)
125 (Secondary & Thrown)
Uses 3 hits
Location Zombies
Dead Rising
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The Hunk of Meat is a weapon in Dead Rising.

It is a severed human hand from a fallen survivor of the zombie outbreak. When Frank sees a zombie eating a hand, kick the zombie and pick it up as it drops the hand. Frank can jam the hand into a zombies mouth and prevent it from biting him. This hand is a very weak weapon, but fun to watch.

It can also be thrown to draw enemies away from Frank (or towards Frank, depending on where Frank throws it), as zombies will instead walk towards the hunk of meat. Zombies are lured to the hunk of meat if it is not held by Frank or another zombie and providing they don't already hold something such as another hunk of meat or a nightstick, etc. Zombies will pick it up and start biting at it.


  • Primary: Tap the Template:Xbutton button to shove the hunk of meat into a zombie's mouth. A zombie cannot attack Frank when this has happened.
  • Secondary: Hold down the Template:Xbutton button to swing the hunk of meat.
  • Thrown: Hold down the Righttrigger trigger to go into aim mode then press the Template:Xbutton button to throw the hunk of meat.


Dead rising overtime mode hunks of meat
  • In some areas, several hunks of meat are left after the Special Forces kill all the zombies in Overtime Mode.
  • In the trailer, it was labeled as "dismembered arm".

  • Although only the white model is used, there are three hand models in the game files:

Dead rising Hunk of Meat gray Gray
Dead rising Hunk of Meat white White
Dead rising Hunk of Meat black Black


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