Dead Rising
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The Ice Pops is food in Dead Rising which heals Frank. If this food remains in Frank's inventory for too long, the ice pops will become Melted Ice Pops.

If Frank is holding or has the ice pops in his inventory, the ice pops will melt in approximately 6 to 7 minutes of real time - 1 hour 12 minutes to 1 hour 24 minutes game time and become melted ice pops.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Melted Ice Pops and Ice Pops look the same.
  • There are four different Ice Pops, the only difference is their appearance. Only the red box is found outside of Seon's Food & Stuff.
Dead rising ice pop (3).png "Ice Lolly Family Pack" Blue
Dead rising ice pop green.png "Fruits Bar" Green
Dead rising ice pop orange (2).png "Ice Lolly Family Pack" Orange
Dead rising Ice Pops.png "Fruits Bar" Red

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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