Ice Sword
Ice Sword
Type Combo Weapon
Combine Liquid Nitrogen + Blade
Location Apartment Above Dodd's Drugs
Fits in Inventory Yes

The Ice Sword is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 4.

The blueprint can be found inside the Apartment Above Dodd's Drugs in Old Town. Since Frank is required to go here for the story, this blueprint is hard to miss. It can be created by combining liquid nitrogen with any bladed weapon.

The Cool Cuts combat trial requires Frank to kill 50 human enemies using the Ice Sword.


  • Swing the sword using Template:Xbutton. Frank will swing in front of him, freezing zombies who come into contact with the sword.



  • The Ice Sword is considered one of the best weapons in Dead Rising 4. The freezing effect makes it great for Zombies and Fresh Zombies while also managing to slow down Evo-Zombies. Its long base combo also makes it a great weapon for human enemies, since it'll stun lock its target until they're dead or their super armor kicks in. Top this off with how early this weapon is unlockable and how surprisingly common Liquid Nitrogen can be found in Dead Rising 4, and it's not a surprise that some players go through the whole game with this weapon.
    • Although the weapon won't last long on the Blackest Friday difficulty, it remains a great choice for its incredible strength. Most noticeably for boss battles, especially against Fontana.


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