Impact Blaster
Dead rising Impact Blaster
Type Combo Weapon/Melee
How to Make Blast Frequency Gun + Impact Hammer
Uses 60
Strength Great
PP 100 (Primary, Chuck)
50 (Primary, Frank)
200 (Heavy, Chuck only)
Fits in Inventory Yes
"When the Impact Hammer is not shocking enough for you."
—Combo Card Description

The Impact Blaster is a combo weapon found exclusively in Dead Rising 2: Case West.

It is made by combining a blast frequency gun with an impact hammer. The Combo Card is obtained by Chuck after leveling up, but it can be created and utilized by Frank. Nevertheless, Chuck is the only one who can perform this weapon's heavy attack.

The Impact Blaster is one of the most powerful melee weapons in the game, capable of killing anything short of a hazard unit or psychopaths in just one hit.

Attacks and Combo CardEdit

Case West weapon component locationsEdit

Dead Rising 2: Case West locations of weapons needed to make the Impact Blaster.[2]

ComponentLocationSpecific location and instructionsPicture
Blast Frequency Gun
Dead rising Blast Frequency Gun
Harvesting Room The Blast Frequency Gun is found on the second floor of the Harvesting Room propped up against one of the yellow control panels.
Case west impact blaster blast frequency gun
Impact Hammer
Holding Pens The Impact Hammer is found behind a staircase in the Holding Pens area. Exit the Storage Bay by going through the little door in the corner with “Holding Penss” written above it. Hug the right wall that says “Security” on it as soon as The player go through that door and make your way under the staircase that leads to the Security Outpost. The Impact Hammer will be under those stairs. The player can also get an Impact Hammer by killing any Hazard Unit once they appear.
Case west impact blaster impact hammer



  1. Frank can only receive a maximum of 50 PP as this is Chuck's combo card.
  2. Andrew Crews, Dead Rising 2: Case West Weapon Combo Guide, Xblafans, (December 28, 2010).
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