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"Show the cool kids that you have the freshest duds on the block. We've got more than enough name brands to buy you the street cred you crave...In the Closet!"
—Map Description

In the Closet is a skateboard shop located on the ground floor of the Royal Flush Plaza‎ in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. There are skateboards the back wall of the store. There is also an unlimited supply of spray paint on one of the tables.



Off the Record[]




  • Upon entering the store for the first time in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, Frank will say "In the closet? Yeah, this is my favorite place to be"
    • this is an obvious gay joke, as "being in the closet" is slang for when a homosexual hasn't came out yet
    • it also seems suggest he might be a homosexual