Infiltrate the Compound
Infiltrate the Compound
Previous Mission Get to the Car Lot Rooftop
Next Mission Enter the HQ

Infiltrate the Compound is the second story mission during Chapter 4 in Dead Rising 3.


After Nick meets with Red at Dave's Awesome Cars the two will devise a plan to break into the compound. Nick has the option to sneak in through the back of the compound, charge in head first, or to change into a soldier's uniform to disguise himself.

The soldier's uniform can be found in a military truck to the North of the car lot. If you want to sneak in through the back, pick up the Sticky Bomb blueprint and climb on top of the truck where it was found. Jump over the fence and across the rooftops to find the back service door entrance.


  • This is the only opportunity to grab the Spec Ops outfit, so you'll want to grab it if you want it available at your clothing locker. 
  • If Nick already has this outfit in his clothing locker from a previous playthrough, he will need to change into the outfit from a safe house as the clothing will not appear in the back of the military vehicle.
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