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Introduction (Dead Rising 2)
Dead rising 2 zombie letterman jacket
Location Fortune City Arena
Next Case Case 1-1: Big News

The Introduction is the playable opening sequence of Dead Rising 2. Similar to 72 Hour Mode, this is not the official name given in-game, but is referred to as such for simplicity reasons.

Although it is an essential part of the main game's story, it is not a part of the 72 hours, and the game timer is disabled. It takes place shortly before the Fortune City Outbreak. If the opening cutscene is skipped, the game will jump straight into 72 Hour Mode. The introduction lasts over 15 minutes. So the introduction is broken up into four portions here:

  1. Fortune City Arena TIR event
  2. Elevator cutscene
  3. Exiting the stadium
  4. Safe house

Fortune City Arena TIR EventEdit

Dead Rising 2 begins in the Fortune City Arena, with motocross former champion Chuck Greene checking his slicecycle as he prepares to compete in Terror Is Reality, a TV gameshow that involves the killing of large groups of zombies for entertainment. Chuck takes part in show to raise funds for Zombrex for his infected daughter; Katey. A TiR Employee enters to inform Chuck that he is on shortly. Chuck asks the employee to take Katey somewhere safe while she waits, and she is taken to the green room.

As Chuck pulls up in the arena next to his competitors, one of them, Leon Bell taunts him about the death of his wife in Las Vegas. The announcer recalls the events in Willamette and Las Vegas, before introducing the host of the show; Tyrone "TK" King. The gameshow begins and the contestants slice through the zombie crowds.

Whether the player come in first or last only affects the amount of reward money they receive.

After the show, Chuck sits in the changing rooms looking at the money. The TV reports on CURE protesting Terror Is Reality and shows their leader, Stacey Forsythe voice her opinion on what she believes is systematic neglect for the infected. Another contestant, Anim White, sits next to Chuck and tells Chuck how he lost his family in Willamette, and so knows what it feels like to lose someone. Chuck gets up and asks Kris Bookmiller where the green rooms are, so he can pick up his daughter.

After the locker cutscene, Chuck is in the locker room, and the player has control. Chuck needs to travel to the green room.

Prize money acquired:[1]

Rank Money price PP prize
First Place $10,000 5000 PP
Second Place $5,000 2500 PP
Third Place $2,500 1000 PP
Fourth Place $1,000 500 PP

Chuck walks past Amber on the way to the green room, and Amber says: Well who do we have here? The other twin, Crystal, arrives in a cutscene, and both twins taunt Chuck further on his performance in the show.

Chuck enters the elevator, and while looking at a Zombrex poster, he is knocked off balance when the elevator suddenly jerks to stop.

Elevator CutsceneEdit

Chuck pries open the elevator doors and sees a crowd of people panicking and screaming. After witnessing a young man in a Letterman jacket transform into a zombie, it becomes clear to Chuck that another outbreak has begun.

Amidst the commotion, Chuck must run along the zombie infested corridor to find his daughter.

v · d · e

Find Katey
Dead rising 2 case 0 into find katey

Chuck's goal is to find Katey.

Dead rising 2 intro elevator shaun is dead weapons
Dead rising 2 case 0 intro fire ax tom

When Chuck gets out of the broken elevator there are several weapons next to the elevator:

Pick up the Fire Axe and Baseball Bat.

Chuck can watch Shaun Wexler and Tom Ebersole be devoured by zombies through a metal barrier to his right. Like all of the survivors in the introduction, there is ultimately nothing Chuck can do to save these survivors.

Dead rising 2 into alice tom is dead corridor

Run down the hallway towards Alice Paynter.

Identical to the Dead Rising introduction, as the zombies kill survivors, there is a screen notification of their death.

Dead rising 2 intro electric guitar next to alice

There is a handbag in the corridor. Handbags have either $100 or Handguns inside.

There is also an Electric guitar further along in the corridor.

Dead rising 2 case 0 into turn right corridor

Chuck will pass several other items including folding chairs.

Pass Alice Paynter and turn right.

Dead rising 2 intro fire axe second in corridor

To the right of the corridor is another Fire Axe just below a Fire Extinguisher on the wall. The fire extinguisher will freeze zombies for 30 seconds.

Dead rising 2 intro green room

Run down the hallway to the green room on the left.

A cutscene begins.

Chuck locates his daughter in the green room, along with the dead TiR Employee.

Chuck carries his daughter out of the arena and sees Fortune City overrun and torn apart by zombies.

v · d · e

Dead rising intro carrying katey kick instructions start

After the cutscene Chuck is carrying Katey.

The ticker tape at the bottom announces that Chuck can Press X to kick while carrying Katey.

Chuck is nearly invincible while carrying Katey as long as he keeps moving. Zombies will stagger if he runs by them while carrying Katey. Chuck will really only get hit if he stops.

Run out the door.

Dead rising 2 case 0 justin tv intro carrying katey arena (2)
Dead rising 2 case 0 justin tv intro carrying katey arena (3)

As Chuck runs towards the double doors, survivor Irwin Sagehorn stumbles through the doors, pursued closely by a zombie. Run through the double doors with the blue arena lobby sign above.

Dead rising 2 case 0 justin tv intro carrying katey arena (5)

Press X to kick while carrying Katey.

Dead rising 2 case 0 justin tv intro carrying katey arena (6)

Follow the hallway as it curves.

Dead rising 2 case 0 justin tv intro carrying katey arena (9)

To Chuck's right are several vending machines. Ahead is the arena, with the survivor captions Pat and Jeremiah.

Dead rising 2 case 0 justin tv intro carrying katey arena (10)

Run through the hallway and into the arena. Avoid protracted battles with zombies and keep running.

Dead rising 2 case 0 justin tv intro carrying katey arena (11)

In addition to Pat Berkson and Jeremiah Eckland, there is Lucas Pontremoli, Adrian Lee, Andrea Brenser, Lance Pennington, and Helen Bonner being attacked in the Arena. Chuck's destination is on the left, past the barricades.

Dead rising 2 case 0 justin tv intro carrying katey out of arena (15)

Past the barricades are some stairs. Beyond the stairs is Chuck's destination, the exit doors to the Platinum Strip.

Dead rising 2 case 0 justin tv intro carrying katey arena (13)

Press B to open the exit doors. The final introductory cutscene begins.

Wade Coopwood directs Chuck toward the emergency shelter, where the survivors have gathered.


The elevator cut scene in the introduction reuses many survivor models.

All 152 game videos are controlled in Data/cinematics/cinematics.big. There are two files for the elevator cutscence:

  • File 010_outbreak.txt (Chuck in elevator looking at zombrex poster) and file.
  • 011_elevator_2.txt (Zombie Jock)

In 010_outbreak.txt is this line:

Dead rising juan full
cCineAnim srv_juan
AnimationName = "010_outbreak~srv_juan"

Juan was originally intended to be in the cutscene and Capcom took him out. See Juan Lee#Trivia.

Zombie Jock 

Dead rising zombie jock full

If a person watches the video 011_elevator_2.txt the cutscene with the zombie jock, they can see each one of these survivors from behind.

Dead rising unknown victim of zombie jock shoes

Orange shoes

Dead rising unknown victim of zombie jock

Black man with:
1. purple white checkered shirt
2. glasses
3. unshaved

Unknown victim model of Jock zombie, probably Royce with different colored shirt.

  • "Erica" and "Royce" run past twice, once at the very beginning of the cutscene when Chuck opens the door, and a second time past the zombie jock.
  • As the Zombie Jock is walking towards Chuck, "Noah" is attacked directly behind Zombie Jock by Zombie James (also known as "the 7pm Zombie"). Yet after the cutscene, Noah is behind the bars in the cordoned off hallway. However, this man was intentionally to be a different civilian but with the same model as Noah, who also happened to be in the Arena.
  • Gordon is the "zombie" that attacks the man who looks like Jared.

In 011_elevator_2.txt is the following survivors listed:

Dead rising royce full
[[Royce]] cCineAnim srv_royce
AnimationName = "011_elevator_2~srv_royce"
Duration = "52.7"
Time = "0"

Dead rising erica full
[[Erica]] cCineAnim srv_erica
AnimationName = "011_elevator_2~srv_erica"
Duration = "52.7"
Time = "0"

Dead rising introduction lenny and jared
Dead rising jared full
[[Jared]] cCineAnim srv_jared
AnimationName = "011_elevator_2~srv_jared"
Duration = "52.7"
Time = "0"

Dead rising introduction lenny and jared
Dead rising lenny full
[[Lenny]] cCineAnim srv_lenny
AnimationName = "011_elevator_2~srv_lenny"
Duration = "52.7"
Time = "0"

Dead rising introduction james and noah behind jock zombie
Dead rising zombie james full
[[James]] cCineAnim cindead_james
AnimationName = "011_elevator_2~cindead_james"
Duration = "52.7"
Time = "0"

Dead rising introduction andy attacked by unknown zombie
Dead rising andy full
[[Andy]] cCineAnim srv_andy
AnimationName = "011_elevator_2~srv_andy"
Duration = "59.3667"
Time = "0"

Dead rising introduction james and noah behind jock zombie
Dead rising noah full
[[Noah]] cCineAnim srv_noah
AnimationName = "011_elevator_2~srv_noah"
Duration = "59.3667"
Time = "0"

Dead rising introduction zombie gordon attacking Jared
Dead rising gordon full
[[Gordon]] cCineAnim srv_gordon
AnimationName = "011_elevator_2~srv_gordon"
Duration = "59.3667"
Time = "0"

When Chuck leaves the stadium, the following victims can be seen:

Victims and Survivors
Dead rising alice full

Alice: Skylar's Girlfriend cCineAnim srv_alice

FAC dead
Dead rising leah (Dead Rising 2) full

Leah (cCineAnim cine_leah)

MAC dead
MAC dead 2
Dead rising luke full

Luke cCineAnim cine_luke

Dead rising skylar with dead girlfriend
Dead rising skylar full

Skylar cCineAnim srv_skylar

Dead rising wade full

Wade cCineAnim srv_wade

Dead rising zombie m4

cCineAnim cine_z_m4

Safe HouseEdit

The security officer Raymond Sullivan allows Chuck access to the emergency shelter, although is at first hesitant due to Katey's infection, and directs him to a security room where it's quieter. Stacey Forsythe also makes it safely to the shelter.

Sitting in the security room, Chuck reveals to Katey that he actually doesn't have any Zombrex, and that he meant to get some after the show. Stacey overhears this, and tells Chuck where he can obtain some, while promising to keep quiet.

After this, the game enters the 72 hours and the timer is activated.


  • Chuck is unable to check his watch.
  • If Chuck is killed before making it to the emergency shelter, a cutscene will play which shows Katey waking up an unconscious Chuck right outside the shelter. He then picks her up and runs in before the doors close.
  • If Chuck does not win the Terror Is Reality event, another cutscene will play where TK criticizes him for the poor performance considering Chuck is motocross champion.
  • During the elevator cutscene, several civilians can be seen fleeing the Arena who share the same models as Erica Mayes, Royce St. John, Lenny Mooney, Noah Hawthorne, Andy Talbat, and Jared Davis.
  • The zombie who attacks the Andy Talbat-lookalike survivor shares the same model as Gordon Dawkins.
  • In PC file missions.txt:
    • The arena slicecycle contest section name is Tutorial1
    • After the slicecycle until arrival in the safehouse is called Tutorial2_Katey
    • If Chuck is killed before reaching the Safe House, the section is Tutorial2_FailState
  • The stadium arena items are found in data\datafile.big\gs_biketutorial.txt
  • There are four corpses which are repeated throughout the stadium: Barra, Kerri (shares a recolored model with Tamara Stein), Dean (shares a model with Tim Duggan), and "pa" (the TIR employee).[2]



  1. missions.txt, cMissionDefinition Tutorial2_Katey, cMissionTimer PrizeMoneyDelay2.
  2. In the PC file missions.txt, these corpses are listed as:
    pa_corpse_attractor or Corpse_Attractor.
    In the Tutorial2_Katey section.
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