Iron Edge
Iron Edge
Type Combo Weapon
Description A meat cleaver and a machete, combined into one powerful blade for optimal slicing and dicing power. Causes more damage than either weapon on its own.
Awesomeness 8
Combine Meat Cleaver + Machete
Strength High
Health 4000[1]
Durability "Diamond"[2]
Speed Fast
Location St. Keith's Chapel
Fits in Inventory Yes

The Iron Edge is a combo weapon that Nick Ramos can create in Dead Rising 3.

It can be made by combining a Machete with a Meat Cleaver. As Nick purchases upgrades, he can later create the Iron Edge using any type of axe and/or bladed weapon.

The blueprints can be found near the cold storage in St. Keith's Memorial Grounds. This can also be used as a survivor weapon and given to members of Nick's posse.[3]



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