Isaac Tremaine
Isaac Wallpaper
Age 29
Job Butcher (Formally)
Status Determinant

Isaac Tremaine is a character from Dead Rising 4.

Isaac worked as a butcher before the Willamette Outbreak. Frank first meets Isaac while he is operating under Tom's group. Afterwards, he breaks free of Tom and joins Hammond's militia with Jessa, Connor and Jordan.

He is a playable character in the multiplayer mode and in Super Mini Golf.

Dead Rising 4Edit

Isaac ambushes Frank during Case 2 when he tries to gain access to West Ridge and is brought to Tom's compound. Isaac will tell Frank to go and help Hammond at the Willamette Jr. High School.

When Frank finds Hammond in Case 4 and plots against killing Tom Pickton, Isaac can be seen with the newly formed militia. The group plans to rescue the survivors from Tom's compound before taking killing him. Isaac and Jessa volunteer to help grab evacuation vehicles to help transport survivors.


In multiplayer, Isaac's default starting weapon is a sledgehammer which will be in his inventory if he is chosen as the player character.


  • It's a well known fact that Isaac is passionate about poetry. This is proven in game by his updated Person of Interest profile which can be viewed after he allies with Hammond. In addition to this, Isaac was selling a book of poetry for 7.99 to the people of Willamette. Evidence of this can be found in one of the entries for the 'Book Reviews' personal mystery.
    • If chosen as the player character in multiplayer, Isaac will also recite poetry.


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