Jack is a stranded survivor in Dead Rising 3.

Jack can be found inside of the Uno Grande Outlet in South Almuda during Chapter 4. Nick will most likely find him as he drives the fuel car back to the warehouse at the end of the chapter. Drive through Rocket's Red Glare and follow the street north to find the outlet where Jack is hiding. He will only appear after Nick has escaped from the military compound during Chapter 4.

In the Fallen Angel DLC, he can be found tied up on the South Bridge with Vicki and Ryan. They are about to be executed by a soldier, but Angel can stop the execution and save the group. When saved, the group will provide 20,000 PP.

In The Last Agent DLC, he is found once again as a stranded survivor, on top of a taxi in front of Huge Industrial Co. Rescuing him will net some PP and lead him to run off to somewhere safe. Saving him is required for the Sworn to Protect achievement.

It's possible that he went to the hospital and went with Brad and the others and escaped the city by the helicopter.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He shares a character model with Mike.

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