Jack in the Box
Jack in the Box Blueprint
Type Combo Weapon
Awesomeness 4
Combine Toy Robot + Cardboard Box
Location Wrench-O-Rama
Fits in Inventory Yes

Jack in the Box is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 3.

It can be created by combining a Toy Robot and a Cardboard Box. The weapon blueprints are found in the Ingleton Wrench-O-Rama.

Creating the Jack in the Box 50 times is required for the Toy That Creeps Me Out! PP trial. 


  • Press Template:Xbutton to swing the box like you would a regular melee weapon. 
  • Press Ybutton to set the jack in the box down. The box will spring open attracting zombies, and the doll inside will attack any zombies within range until it eventually explodes.


  • Despite being made with a Cardboard Box, the Jack in the Box is entirely made out of metal.


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