Dead Rising
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"Look mister, if we're gonna fight these zombies, we need GUNS!"
—James, on sharing with Cletus.

James Ramsey is a victim in Dead Rising and Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.

He was found in the Huntin' Shack in the North Plaza during the unmarked scoop The Gun Shop. He was shot and killed by Cletus Samson before reanimating into a zombie.

The Gun Shop[edit | edit source]

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James was attempting to convince the owner of Huntin' Shack, Cletus Samson, to lend them some guns to fight the zombies. Cletus refused to do so on the grounds that he couldn't trust them. James cautiously approached Cletus, believing that he could handle the situation, only to be shot square in the chest by Cletus.

After Cletus was defeated by Frank, he panicked and ran out of the store, only to be attacked and killed by a zombified James.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • James does not appear in Infinity Mode.
  • The voice actor for James Ramsey, Dave Wittenberg, also does the voice acting for Sam Franklin, Ed DeLuca.[1] Mr. Wittenberg also does the voice acting for the mall announcements.
  • James must have been bitten by a zombie (or directly stung by a Queen) before his encounter with Cletus, since he resurrects as a zombie and kills Cletus by the time he is defeated.
  • In James' notebook photo, he sports a black shirt, but in game, he wears a blue shirt.
  • There are zombies in the mall that resemble his zombified version.
  • James' picture is used for the Stunt Driver achievement.
  • Even if the player kills zombie James during the fight with Cletus, the cutscene where James kills Cletus will still appear and James will respawn.

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References[edit | edit source]

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