Japanese Tourists
Location Sir Book-a-lot
Start Time Time iconSeptember 19th, 10pm
Expires Time iconSeptember 20th, 7am
Survivors Shinji Kitano
Yuu Tanaka
PP 15,000 (Join)

30,000 (Escort)

Dead Rising
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"I found a couple of survivors in the bookstore in Wonderland Plaza. They look Japanese. Probably tourists."
Otis Washington

Japanese Tourists (A & B) is a scoop in Dead Rising and Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.

It takes place in Sir Book-a-lot in Wonderland Plaza on the late evening of the first day. In Chop Till You Drop, It takes place in the Lovely Fashion House in the middle of the second day.

Frank will meet two foreign tourists, Yuu Tanaka and Shinji Kitano, who do not speak any English.


Frank will receive a call from Otis about a pair of Japanese tourists in a bookstore in Wonderland Plaza. When Frank arrives to Sir Book-a-lot, he will find the pair of men fleeing from them, jumping onto the bookcases to escape from who they think is a zombie.

In order to calm them down, Frank grabs the Japanese Conversation book lying on the ground by the register. After picking it up and speaking to them, they will be able to understand Frank.

After some arguing about why they had to vacation to Willamette, and With Frank's reassurance, they will join Frank and can be escorted back to the Security Room.


Conversation with tourists
Dead rising yuu
Dead rising japanese tourist and greg 1 talk to tourists

Yuu: [Shinji! Shinji!]

Shinji: [Oh no! Here comes another one!]

Frank: [Tourist. They look JAPANESE...]

Frank: [Wait! I different! No one of them!]

Shinji: [Who are you!?]

Frank: [I Frank! Photograph taker... Journalist.] [If you go safe place together.]

Shinji: [Looks like this man wants us to go with him. What do you think?]

Dead rising japanese tourist and greg 2 talk to tourists

Yuu: [What do I think? I think we have no choice but to trust him!]

Shinji: [Think seriously first, friend.]

Shinji: [What kind of journalist would come here for a story? There's clearly something wrong with this man.]

Yuu: [Shhh! He'll hear you!]

Shinji: [Don't worry! His Japanese sucks. He will not understand.]

Yuu: [We cannot very well stay here by ourselves, can we?]

Dead rising japanese tourist and greg 3 talk to tourists

Yuu: [Let's just follow him for now but remain suspicious of his tricks.]

Shinji: [This is all your fault! Of all the places to go on vacation, why were you so keen on this dump?]

Yuu: [What!? You're the one who said it would be a good time!]

Frank: [Come. No come. Decide quickly, please.]

Yuu: [Pardon our rudeness. We shall go. My apologies.]

Shinji: [I'm sorry. Please trust me with kindness, sir!][1]


  • This is the only scoop requiring a book to complete.
  • Both men make short statements repeatedly in English, such as "what's happening here", similar to other survivors, despite not speaking English. However, this is just a limit in game mechanics.
  • Like many scoops, this scoop has additional food (apples) in the store, which is only available during the scoop.



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