Survivor Jasmine
Location Dead Rising 3
El Spanol Liquor
The Last Agent
Slappy's Ultimate Playhouse
Albert's Apparel
PP 10,000 PP (The Last Agent)

Jasmine is a stranded survivor in Dead Rising 3.

She is standing inside of El Spanol Liquor in South Almuda during Chapter 3.

In The Last Agent DLC, she can be found on top of a vehicle in front of Slappy's Ultimate Playhouse. She'll later appear at Albert's Apparel, being attacked by some bikers. She'll appear after saving Vernon and his group, and once again needs to be saved. Saving her as a stranded survivor (at Slappy's Playhouse) is required for the Sworn to Protect achievement.


  • The notification for saving her in The Last Agent lists Brandon as the survivor that needs to be saved, and not Jasmine.
  • She shares a character model with Vicki and Tara.


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