Jason (Mission Survivor)
Jason (Mission Survivor)
Weapon Meat Cleaver
Location Jason's House
Mission(s) Family Style Dining
PP 25,000

Jason is a survivor in Dead Rising 3.

He is looking for food to feed his now zombified family members during the side mission Family Style Dining.

If his family is attacked or a posse member is present during the mission, he will defect. If killed, he will drop his Meat Cleaver, which can not be combined with any weapons.

Family Style DiningEdit

Nick can find Jason standing over a pool at his house in Sunset Hills. A group of zombies, who are now his zombified family are in the pool. He plans to feed his "family", in case there is a cure developed.

He will ask that Nick bring him some sort of meat to feed his mother. When Nick returns with the food, the side quest will be completed.

If his family is attacked, the side mission will automatically become unavailable. Jason will stay with his family after Nick completes the mission. 

Trivia Edit

  • The character is similar to Theodore "Ted" Smith, a psychopath in Dead Rising 2. Both want to get meat for someone that they care about. Like Ted, Jason also believes in getting "fresh meat" if a living survivor is with Nick while he is looking for something to bring back for the mission. 
  • He also is similar to Larry Chiang, although only in their relatively similar appearances (bald, white shirt, green pants, white shoes, blood stains) and in choice of weapon (meat cleaver).
  • Jason can become hostile, should Nick/Dick talk to him again without having a meat item to give them, but instead with a posse member (if they don't have either, Jason will continue to beg for some meat). Unlike other missions (Such as Love Thy Neighbor), Nick will not be punished for taking this route in any way, as Nick will still receive PP for Killing Jason so long as Jason attacks first. The player will be told about this because the mission will update to "Defend Yourself". He will also attack if you keep talking to him by yourself. Afterwords, he'll reprimand you for not getting fresh meat and will settle for feeding you to them.
  • Jason will not accept a Hunk of Meat since he wants to feed his mom fresh meat.
  • Jason is similar to Jose, another Dead Rising 3 survivor who asks for meat. However, Jose wants meat from the zombies themselves, whereas Jason just wants to feed his zombified mom.
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