Jason Wong
Dead rising jason bust
Age 27
Status Determinant
Notebook Number 05
Notebook Description Extreme sports adrenaline junkie. Found behind Bill's Department Store.
Weapon Handlebar/Broadsword
Location Behind Uncle Bill's Department Store
Scoop(s) Handle With Care
PP 1,500 (Join)
3,500 (Escort)

"I can't believe it! Chuck Greene is here in Still Creek! Thanks, dude!"
—Jason, on being rescued

Jason Wong is a Dead Rising 2: Case Zero survivor.

He is found battling zombies in a parking lot behind Uncle Bill's Department Store with Archie during Handle With Care. He is also said to be a pro Dota 2 player.

Handle With CareEdit

Main article: Handle With Care

Jason and Archie are found defending themselves against a horde of zombies. Jason is using a handlebar for a weapon, which Chuck needs to fix his bike. Jason will refuse to hand it over unless Chuck gives him a broadsword.

After Jason gives his handlebar to Chuck, the two decide to join him and head towards the Brockett Gas Station. Both he and Archie are amateur Motocross racers, and claim to be two of Chuck's biggest fans.


  • In the Case Zero Xbox 360 files, the Truck Thief is listed as "srv_jason" (Jason Wong) and that model is actually Jason Wong's head put onto a different model. This is why the truck thief looks so much like the actual survivor Jason.[1]
  • Jason shares the surname & ethnic background of the Dead Rising 3 Psychopath Harry "Zhi" Wong.



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