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Jeanna Slick is the lead singer for the band Angel Lust in Dead Rising 2. She is seen performing at the Silver Strip in front of a huge crowd of zombies, during the mission Rock Heroes. She reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.

Rock Heroes[]

Jeanna and her band mates, Floyd Stone and Allen Ash, are seen performing a concert to a crowd of zombies that have congregated below the stage in the Silver She and her friends believe those in the crowd are actually fans until Chuck makes them realize zombies have overrun the city. After finishing their song with a mighty chord, the zombies are all killed due to the sound waves and then the band mates agree to be escorted.


  • Jeanna makes an appearance in the Terror is Reality game Bounty Hunter.
  • In what appears to be a model design error, Jeanna's strands of hair on her shoulders is cut in places.
  • Jeanna is the only survivor in the PC Game files items.txt who are listed with both her first and last name. Most survivors are listed by first name only.
  • Jeanna is one of the best gun fighters in game.
  • In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, Jeanna and her band mates appear as unmarked survivors, meaning that Stacey will not call Frank about the Rock Heroes mission.
  • Floyd and Allen will defect if Jeanna dies.