Jerry Sampson
DR2 CaseWest Profile 09P
Age 36
Notebook Description The man behind the Laser Gun. Found in the Living Quarters
Weapon Laser Sword
Location Living Quarters
PP 20,000
"All the time I've been working here I've been experimenting with the equipment in the lab to make a killer weapon. I'm so close to making it but because of the outbreak I'm too scared to get the ingredients."
—Jerry, explaining his dilemma

Jerry Sampson is a high-level scientist found the executive living quarters in Dead Rising 2: Case West. He needs a weapon before he can flee the Phenotrans Facility and can be found during Case 3-1: The Way Out.

Helping JerryEdit

Chuck and Frank find Jerry in Living Quarters X1 on the second floor of the Living Quarters of the facility. He says that he has been experimenting on a project of his during his stay at the research labs to create a "killer weapon". Because the outbreak, he is too afraid to go out and get the two ingredients that he needs. He asks that Chuck and Frank go get a Laser Sword and a Lightning Gun and return it to him.

After returning the two weapons to Jerry, he will make the Laser Gun and give it to Chuck, thanking him for helping make the killer weapon. He will then make his way out of the facility.



  • Although possibly a coincidence, Jerry bares resemblance to actor Simon Pegg, the lead actor in the zombie movie Shaun of the Dead.
  • The gems can be found in Living Quarters X2 on the first floor, below Jerry Sampson, on the bookshelf. Flashlights can be found throughout the Living Quarters, such as in and in front of A6.
  • The Electric Prod can be found off of Zombie Handlers and the Blast Frequency Gun can be found throughout the facility.


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