Jessa Yatsuda
DR4 coop JessaYatsuda.png
Age 37
Job Mechanic
Status Determinant

Jessa Yatsuda is a survivor in Dead Rising 4.

She is mechanic who likes big guns and fast cars. Her bloodlust only enhances her ability to get the job done. Jessa is a playable character in the multiplayer mode and in Super Mini Golf. 

She is one of the "Persons of Interest" that Frank can photograph. 

Dead Rising 4[edit | edit source]

Jessa will meet Frank shortly after the start of Case 1 as he is leaving the Willamette Memorial Megaplex. She will call Frank over to "give her a hand". She has a plan to drive through the zombies instead of fighting them directly. She gives Frank the Warmonger blueprint, which also serves as the combo vehicle tutorial. After Frank makes the Warmonger, Jessa wishes him luck and opens the gate to let Frank out of the underground parking garage.

She is not encountered again until Case 2. Frank finds her with Hammond, Jordan and Connor fighting off Obscuris at the Willamette Jr. High School. After Frank helps them at the high school, he later gets in touch with Hammond in Case 4 to plot against killing Tom Pickton. The whole group (and now with Isaac Tremaine included) plan to rescue the survivors from Tom's compound before taking him out. Jessa volunteers to help grab evacuation vehicles with Isaac. 

Jessa is able to successfully rescue survivors and bring them back to the West Ridge Emergency Shelter. Unfortunately, Tom locks Jessa and the other survivors inside the shelter with no way of escape. After Frank unlocks the Emergency Shelter and clears out the enemies he finds Jessa, Connor, Isaac, Paula and Darcy locked safely locked inside one of the rooms. Jessa is seen tending to an injured Isaac. 

Multiplayer[edit | edit source]

In multiplayer, Jessa spawns with a shotgun in her inventory if she is chosen as the starting character.

Frank Rising[edit | edit source]

In Frank Rising, Jessa is stuck at Tom's farm with Hammond and Isaac. She is still stuck in the city and desperate to get out before the firebombing commences. She was going to help Hammond ambush Obscuris and take one of their helicopters, until Dr. Blackburne told Obscuris of their plans.If the rquirments for the Good Ending is meet then Jessa and the rest of Hammonds group successfully escape Willamette through the Helicopter with Frank West, However if not fullfilled the Bad Ending is where Hammond group, Along with Jessa are overwhelmed and killed by the Zombie Hordes and Frank and Doctor Blackburn are the only ones to escape alive from Willamette.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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