Jesse Miller
Location Speedy's G Spot
Mission(s) Blood Barter
Health 1,500
"Wait! Wait! Wait, wait. This wasn't my first choice of work, I kinda got in his debt, like your friend. offer I couldn't refuse you know?"
—Jesse, after Kent DeMare is killed

Jesse Miller is a survivor and posse member in Dead Rising 3. He is encountered during Chapter 3.

Blood BarterEdit

He is found inside of Speedy's G Spot with Kent during the side mission Blood Barter. After the conversation with Kent about retrieving Troy's locket, they will both attack.

After killing Kent, he will yield and claim that he was also scammed like Troy, and will join you afterwards.

Trivia Edit

  • Jesse is the only hostile survivor who can be saved and recruited (not counting Kenny, who is a Psychopath)
  • It is possible to kill Jesse. However, given how he is much tougher than Kent and both attack Nick without ever stopping, this is highly unlikely for most players outside of a Level 50 Nick.
  • Jesse and Doug Trent are the only posse members to have more than one maxed statistics and are among the four survivors to have maxed out stats, with the other two being Dwayne Pike and Marcus Wolfe.
  • Humorously, Jesse hits harder than Kent, despite Kent being armed with a knife.


  • Toughness 5/5
  • Strength 5/5
  • Ranged 3/5
  • Break Out 4/5
  • Run Speed 2/5


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