Jherii Gallo
Jherri Attacks
Voice Actor Robin "Hellga" Coleman
Status Deceased
Weapon Barbell (Dead Rising 3)
Location Yoh-Gah!
Health 3000 [1]
Mission(s) Look in the Mirror
PP 30,000
"I am no sir! I am Jherii, with two I's! I am about to take home my long-deserved Miss Gigantic California trophy. No one and nothing is getting in my way, do you understand me?"

Jherii Gallo is a psychopath in Dead Rising 3. She is one of seven psychopaths who embody the Seven Deadly Sins. [2] Jherii's sin is Pride.

Jherii may be the most deviating out of all the psychopaths considering the fact that she seems to be only pursuing a personal goal rather than doing something that could harm other people. Jherii is a vain, controlling and fitness-obsessed woman. She was to be a contestant in a women's bodybuilding competition called Miss Gigantic California, until it was cancelled because of the zombie outbreak. Due to her muscular appearance, she is frequently mistaken for a man. She is also described as having gender identification issues and a bit of an anger problem, which may explain why she is so easily offended every time she is mistaken for a man.[3]

Look in the MirrorEdit

Jamie will call Nick about somebody at the Yoh-Gah gym during Chapter 5. Nick enters the Yoh-Gah gym, where he sees Jherii lifting dumbbells and admiring herself. Nick mistakenly calls her a man while trying to ask her to leave the Gym, enraging her. Jherii angrily explains to Nick that she is going for a bodybuilding contest and that nothing will stop her from achieving her goal, to which Nick replies that the contest was cancelled because of the zombie outbreak. Jherii then returns to the mirror and flexes, admiring herself, while Nick later flexes alongside her. When Nick accidentally calls her a man for a second time, Jherii becomes furious and proceeds to fight him using a barbell.

After Jherii is defeated, she walks towards a trophy stand in the gym, reciting a motivational mantra, where she accidentally pulls the stand down, crushing herself. Nick then flexes his muscles, mockingly.

The Prideful achievement unlocks after she is killed.[4]

Battle StyleEdit

  • Fighting with her barbell, Jherii can perform a devastating 3-5 hit combo that does a hefty amount of damage.
  • At times, she will run over to a dumbbell stand and hurl the dumbbells towards Nick. This serves as her long ranged attack.
  • She can also simply toss a simple weight plate at Nick. This attack can be unpredictable.
  • Jherii can also charge against Nick with her barbell and if she is successful, she will slam Nick against the floor. Failure to move the left stick back and forth repeatedly fast enough will result in Jherii crushing Nick's chest and punching him.
  • She can also perform a spinning attack, where she will spin around in circles, hitting anything that ends up in her way. She also ends this attack by slamming her barbell overhead against the ground.
  • Jherii is narcissistic and may occasionally go to the mirror mid-battle and admire her physique. This is her weakness and will allow Nick to chain attack her. He can grab Jherri by pressing Ybutton and Template:Bbutton, and can then hit her repeatedly. 
  • Her attacks will do anywhere from 25 to 50 damage per hit.[5]
  • You can taunt her by saying "You look strong" when connected to the Kinect.


  • Her surname Gallo means "rooster" in Spanish. It also means "big man" or  "tough guy" in a colloquial expression of the same language, likely a reference to her masculine appearance.
  • The logo on her back in her concept art is not present in the full game, but if you look closely in her opening cut scene it is darker in that same area of her shirt.
  • Jherii's voice actress, Robin Coleman, is also a professional female bodybuilder. 
  • The battle theme is called Pride Battle (Blow by Blow) and was composed by Traz Damji from The Humble Brothers.
  • Her name is likely a reference to the film "My Cousin Vinny," as Jerry Gallo was one of the fake names the main character supplied to the judge as a way of burgeoning his credentials as a lawyer.
  • If you look closely at the bloodstain on the floor while she is walking to the trophy case in the final cutscene, you can see that she leaves boot prints, not footprints, despite being barefoot in her cutscenes and battle.
  • She is similar to Antoine because both are looking for a chance of fame until the outbreak happens. When the outbreak occurs, they are in denial, still believing that they have a chance at succeeding at their goals. Another similarity is that both Antoine and Jherii are implied to have been narcissists even before getting into their respective states of denial.
  • If you're at level 50, you can instantly kill Jherii by throwing a dumbbell at her head.
  • Jherii shows signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (due to her grandiose self-image and extreme sensitivity to insults, in addition to a lack of empathy), Borderline Personality Disorder (due to her angry and often sudden mood swings, which in turn suggest extreme emotional instability), and also Intermittent Explosive Disorder (in her violent and aggressive behaviour caused by any sort of provocation).
    • While Jherii is meant to represent the sin of "Pride", she also embodies "Greed" (Albert Contiello's sin) due to selfishly obsessed into winning the "Miss Gigantic California" trophy, and also embodies "Envy" (Kenny's sin) as she sees herself as better than Nick (despite the fact Nick (who is unaware of this) has no interest in competing against Jherii) and wants to beat him in any way. She even embodies "Wrath" (Zhi's sin) in that she is easily angered when mistaken as a man.
  • Her death is ironic because she is determined to win a trophy and be the best, and yet she ends up being crushed by a trophy case (and several trophies were inside said trophy case) when she is defeated by Nick.
    • Her death also may be a reference to the phrase "pride comes before a fall", since she forces a trophy case to fall on her after boasting about her desires to be the best, in other words she fell after expressing arrogant degrees of pride for herself.



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