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"Looks like you lured another man in here, you little whore."
—Jo Slade, on Frank trying to rescue the captive

Jo Slade is a psychopath appearing in Dead Rising and a special zombie appearing in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.

She is a morbidly obese corrupt police officer who had captured at least four young women in order to sexually assault them, though it's implied that she's captured and killed both other hostages and people who tried to save them (such as Tonya Waters and Ross Folk).

Jo is found in the Lovely Fashion House in Wonderland Plaza during the scoop Above the Law.

Above the Law[]

Main article: Above the Law (Dead Rising)

Jo was seen entering a women's clothing store with a young woman. As Frank West arrived to investigate, he found the young woman, Kay, tied to a chair with Jo standing over her.

Jo proceeded to taunt and verbally abuse the young woman, going as far as to threatening to sexually abuse her with a nightstick. Frank attempted to intervene, but Jo demanded him not to interfere or be dealt with.

After she is killed, she drops a stun gun and the handcuff key. Frank freed Kay and the three other hostages, Kelly Carpenter, Lilly Deacon, and Janet Star, and escorted them back to the Security Room.

Chop Till You Drop[]

Main article: Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop

In Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, psychopath Jo does not appear, along with her scoop and hostages, despite trailers showing her in the game. Instead, Jo appears as two different variants of zombies. The blue-shirted zombie Jo has two stun guns and appears at night, and the brown-shirted, brown-hatted, aviator sunglasses-wearing version of zombie Jo has a handgun and a stun gun. Zombie Jo is very powerful and is capable of dealing heavy damage, but can be taken out quickly with a shotgun blast to the face.

Infinity Mode[]

Main article: Infinity Mode

In Infinity Mode, Jo first appears on the Rooftop from 1:19:00 to 2:07:00 and is armed with Stun Gun and Handgun. In her equipment she carries a Lettuce, a Melon, a Zombait and two Nightsticks. Later Jo appears in Lovely Fashion House at the Wonderland Plaza from 5:00:00 to 5:07:00 and she carries the same items she had before.

Battle Style[]

Jo is unique among the psychopaths (with the exception of Dylan Fuentes from Dead Rising 3) in that she will actively attack her hostages. If Frank is not near her or trying to attack her, she will walk around the store and attack Kay, Lilly, Kelly, or Janet.

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Kick Jo can lash out with a kick similar to Frank's kick attack. She will also kick her hostages.
Stun Gun Jo can use her stun gun to electrocute Frank. Although this attack is slow, it is devastating when it connects as Frank is knocked to the floor and rendered immobile for several seconds afterward. During this time, Jo can follow up by stomping on Frank's groin, dealing several blocks of damage until Frank recovers. She will also stun her hostages.
Bludgeon If Frank is close to her, Jo will attempt to hit Frank with a swing of her fist. This attack is slow but is capable of dealing heavy damage.
Handgun If Frank is out of her attack range, she will pull out her handgun and shoot at Frank. This attack deals only light damage.


  • She accuses Kay Nelson of luring another man into the store, suggesting that others have tried and failed to rescue her hostages.
  • According to one of her hostages, Janet Star, she has already killed other hostages.
  • It is suggested that Jo was responsible for injuring another survivor, Ross Folk, while attempting to abduct his girlfriend Tonya Waters.
  • Jo has one of the tallest and largest character models in the game.
  • According to Jo's badge, she is a Security Enforcement Officer, possibly a part of mall security or a law enforcement branch. However, the quote where she refers to her business as "official police business" and her notebook description referring to her as a police officer suggests the latter. It can also be assumed that she promoted herself to the rank of a police officer since she is the last member of the law enforcement in Willamette.
  • In the beta version of Dead Rising, Jo holds Sophie Richards hostage instead of Kay.
  • On the first Characters page of Dead Rising's game manual, Jo is shown without her glasses. The same image of her is used in Frank's Notebook except she is wearing her glasses.
  • Her theme is "Heaven's Creepin' In", by Supernova Syndicate.
  • Sgt. Dwight Boykin, a Dead Rising 2 psychopath, says a line similar to Jo's when being defeated: "I cannot believe a worthless zombie did me in!", except Jo says "prick" instead of "zombie".
  • She will only be aggressive towards Frank when he enters the Lovely Fashion House, similar to how Randy Tugman from the next game is only aggressive when the player character is inside the Swept Away Chapel.
  • A reference to Jo is seen in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record: when Frank is saving Deidre Sanchez, he will say,  "You're much nicer then the last female cop I met".
  • In the Odd Jobs menu in Chop Till You Drop, Jo makes an appearance in her human form.
  • The two zombie Jo's in Chop Till You Drop have different movement animations.
  • In Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, when Frank kills a Zombie Jo with a Queen, she will die in the same way as she dies in Dead Rising on the Xbox 360.[Verification needed]
  • Jo's uniform does not match those being worn by the zombified members of the Willamette Police Department. Their uniforms consist of a black shirt and black pants, with patches matching those of the New York City Police Department and badge resembling that of the Los Angeles Police Department. It's possible that she's either of a different rank than the other officers or Security Enforcement is a specific branch of the Willamette Police Department with a distinct uniform to distinguish it's members from other branches of the aforementioned police department.
  • Jo is similar to Randy Tugman and Dylan Fuentes, from Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 3, respectively, as all 3 psychopaths kidnap hostages for sexual motivations. 
  • When Jo pulls out her nightstick she says: "Say hello to my little friend," a reference to the movie "Scarface." 
  • The scoop name "Above The Law" is the same name as the side mission of finding Bob's daughter in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.