Zombies Gone Wild
Location Joey's House
Mission(s) Zombies Gone Wild
PP 25,000
Health 400 (Unused)
"Hahaha, this is gonna be hotter than Lena Polichev's sex tapes!"

Joey is a survivor in Dead Rising 3.

He is found at his home during the side mission Zombies Gone Wild.

Zombies Gone WildEdit

Nick can find Joey inside of his mansion in Sunset Hills. He will tell Nick about a little "photo shoot" that he would like to have using zombies. He requests that Nick bring him three "handsome" male zombies.

Nick must lure three zombies into the room of the mansion to complete the mission. Finishing this request will reward Nick with 25,000 PP.


  • If Nick returns to Joey's mansion later in the game, the three zombies will still be inside the room, but Joey himself is gone. A decayed corpse wearing similar clothes as Joey is found where he was previously standing, it's unclear if it is him.
  • Joey was originally apart of an unused ending titled Ending X.
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