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Johnny James is a psychopath in Dead Rising 2 during the mission Militia Men.

At the age of 22, he is the youngest member of the Hunters group, who are bent on killing survivors and zombies. He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.

Militia Men[]

In Militia Men, Johnny and his hunting pals murder an innocent man that was wandering in Fortune Park. He and his friends go on about how they believe the zombies and survivors are communists sent to destroy democracy. They are determined to cleanse America of these "traitors", one city at a time.

Johnny is located above Royal Flush Plaza. A ladder to the maintenance room side by side with the Slot Ranch Casino.

Battling Johnny[]

Johnny James is deadly with a sniper rifle and should be dealt with carefully if attempted to be fought using long distance weapons. Up close in melee combat, he will use a bowie knife and is quick. Chuck can take down Johnny using a quick melee weapon or a firearm from a far.


  • He is the only hunter that doesn't say anything during the cutscene; his voice is heard only during the fight against him.
  • He is one of only 2 psychopaths in the series to remain completely silent during cutscenes, the other being James Caballero.
  • Johnny is voiced by Gabe Kouth, the real life brother of Sam Vincent, who voiced Carl Schliff and Evan MacIntyre.[Verification needed]
  • In the PC game files, items.txt he is listed under militiamen4. 
  • Johnny has a tattoo of a Civil War Confederate flag on his left arm. The tattoo has a banner reading "Southern Justice" with a noose at the bottom of the tattoo, referencing the act of lynching. It also indicates that Johnny supports the death penalty.
  • There appears to be an odd bug/glitch when all four of the snipers spawn where one or more of them does not spawn. This is very rare, though.
  • The actor who voiced him is known for his role as Victor Criss in the film adaption of Stephen King's It.
  • He bears a resembalance to Elrod Bumpkins. 
  • He has his own falling animation after being killed (fall to his knees and fall on his face) while the rest of the Militia Men stumble backwards and fall on their backs.
  • Judging by his confederate flag tattoo and views on border patrol. Johnny (as well as the other three hunters) is a neo-confederate/southern nationalist.