Jordan Maxwell
Jordan Wallpaper
Job Miner (Formally)
Status Alive

Jordan Maxwell is a character from Dead Rising 4.

A former member of Tom Pickton's survivor group. Before the outbreak in Willamette, Jordan worked as a miner. She is Kylie's best friend.

Dead Rising 4Edit

Frank first meets Jordan at the Willamette Jr. High School and assists her, Kylie, Connor and Jessa fend off Obscuris soldiers. When the group finally break free of Tom and form their own militia, Jordan and Kylie volunteer to help evacuate survivors from Tom's compound.

During the assault on Tom's compound, Jordan is captured and left to die. Frank finds her under attack by hostile survivors. Jordan tells Frank that she and Kylie got separated and urges him to find Kylie, concerned that she's been taken by Tom and will be made an example of. She tells Frank that she's been taking to the Kippax Cement building. Frank urges her to go back to the shelter to meet up with the others. 

Jordan is last seen before the end of Case 5. She meets Frank near the sewers and gives him an explosive that will allow him to go further into the sewers in his pursuit of Calder. She insists on staying behind, but says Frank that it's been an honor to work with him.


In multiplayer, Jordan starts with a grenade in her inventory if she is chosen as the player character.


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