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"Serves you right you sons of bitches! Serves you right..."

Jose Morales is a survivor and posse member in Dead Rising 3. He can be encountered during the side mission Eat the Rich in Chapter 5.

Before the outbreak, Jose worked as a disenchanted gardener for the wealthy elite. Back in his home country, he used to be a professor of anthropology who hoped to make it big in America. When the zombies came, Jose didn't seem to care, thinking that the rich got what was coming to them.

Eat the Rich[]

Main article: Eat the Rich

Jose is found standing on the rooftop of Shirts and Shades in Central City. He is looking down into the streets below, observing the zombies. When Nick Ramos speaks to him, Jose seems to admire the fact that the zombies just eat and eat, and don't "take shit" from anybody. As a gardener, Jose had to work for a lot of rich clients.

Now that all of the wealthy people are or were eaten by zombies, he seeks revenge on them for the upper class denying his merits, Jose asks Nick to bring him five hunks of meat.

Because the safe house is next to Jose, it's easy to grab the five hunks of meat from the weapons locker and give them to him. Once he has been given the fifth piece of meat, Jose will start eating it. He seems satisfied that he's now gotten revenge and by "eating the rich". Afterward, Jose will join Nick's posse.


  • Toughness 4/5
  • Strength 3/5
  • Ranged 2/5
  • Break Out 3/5
  • Run Speed 2/5


  • Jose is the only survivor that Nick threatens to kill, seeing how he's concerned Jose might try to eat him.
  • Despite being threatened by Nick and generally coming off as a bitter person, Jose is rather kind to him during gameplay.
  • Jose is similar to Jason, as both ask for meat from Nick. Jason wants proper meat for his zombified family, whereas Jose wants meat from zombies to eat himself.
    • Jose never turns or shows signs of infection despite eating the severed hands that zombies have been chewing on. This is obviously done for gameplay purposes, but the Tape It or Die Website had a post that implied it was possible that some people have gotten bit but didn't get infected, so Jose's insane luck in this regard would not have been unheard of.
  • Judging by his last name, Morales, which is a rather common Puerto Rican surname, his home country might be Puerto Rico.


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