Julia Slyde
Julia in Chair
Voice Actor Johanna Braddy
Location Annie's Old Fashioned XXX Supply
Mission(s) Play Time
"Oh my god, thank you!"
—Julia, after being freed

Julia Slyde is a survivor and posse member in Dead Rising 3.

Play TimeEdit

She is found tied to a chair with her mouth taped in the back of Annie's Old Fashioned XXX Supply during the side mission Play Time. She is being held captive by Dylan Fuentes.

Nick can untie her and Eric Martinez after Dylan is defeated. She can be recruited from any survivor bulletin board after she has been rescued. 


  • Some of her dialogue ("You're so grounded!", "Don't make me slap you!", etc.) implies that she is or was a mother, has or used to have younger siblings or has worked with children before, given how she reprimands Nick like a child.


  • Toughness 2/5
  • Strength 2/5
  • Ranged 2/5
  • Break Out 4/5
  • Run Speed 4/5


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