Jump Space 7
Dead rising off the record jump space 7
Store Number U102
Location Uranus Zone
Survivor(s) None
Mission(s) None
"Running hot? Come cool your rockets at Jump Space 7. Grab a drink and enjoy the view, before rocketing back off to your next space adventure!"
—Map Description

Jump Space 7 is a location inside Uranus Zone theme park in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

It's a two-story futuristic restaurant bar with bar counter, kitchen and wardrobe on the first floor and VIP lounge on the second.

There is Zombrex here in the second floor on the overhang.





  • Alien Mask
  • Space Helmet


  • 2 ATM's (one at each floor)
  • Blender (on 1st floor)
  • $1, 000 Money (10 Money Bundles)
  • 1 Stove (inside kitchen)


  • Sandbox challenge Killer Rides can be found near the food counter.
  • Because of significant amount of drinks and a blender available on the first floor it can be quite useful to mix some Painkiller (Beer+Beer, Vodka+Vodka) or Quickstep (Wine+Wine).


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