Junk Ball
Junk Ball
Type Combo Weapon
Awesomeness 5
Combine Garbage Bag + Outdoor Trash Can
Fits in Inventory Yes

The Junk Ball is a weapon in Dead Rising 3.

The blueprints are obtained after completing the side mission Single White Male. Kenny uses this weapon during the mission, creating it to upstage Nick by showing that he, too, could make combo weapons.

It is made using an outdoor trash can and a garbage bag. As the name implies, the weapon is a ball of various pointy objects and other pieces of semi-dangerous junk found in the trash can.

By creating 50 Junk Balls through combining weapons, the player can complete the PP Trial Balls of Junk.


  • A different version of The Junk Ball reappears in Dead Rising 4, called the Holiday Junk which drops random food and holiday decorations.

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