Junk Truck
Junk Truck Blueprints
Type Combo Vehicle
Combine Van + SUV
Strength Medium (6/10)[1]
Health 3333[2]
Speed Average

The Junk Truck is one of the combo vehicles in Dead Rising 3.[3]

It can be created by combining a Van with an SUV. The blueprints can be found inside of the Diamond Panty during the beginning of Chapter 3.

Its functions are similar to the Junk Bike and Junk Car, although it is more powerful and durable than it's counterpants. It can seat Nick and one other passenger, although it's not recommended to bring a survivor or posse member with you if the self-destruct function of the vehicle is going to be used.


  • The vehicle's main self-destruct function can be used by pressing Ybutton. Nick will roll out of the car shortly before it explodes, killing all zombies within its immediate radius.
  • The Junk Truck also has torpedoes that can be fired from the front of the truck by pressing 360 X button


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