Justin Tetherford
Dead rising justin bust
Age 25
Notebook Number 022
Notebook Description Unfortunate survivor seeking food, mistaken for a looter, and brought to "justice".
Location South Plaza
Killed By Seymour Redding
"Please! We just needed food!"
—Justin, attempting to defend himself from Seymour

Justin Tetherford is a victim appearing in Dead Rising 2, during the mission WWJWD? He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.


Sometime during the day, Justin was captured by a crazed security officer and tied up and his head was covered with a sack. He was accused of looting the stores along with three other people. The three other captives were executed before Chuck arrived. Chuck tried to stop Seymour, but Justin was kicked off the scaffold and was killed as his body was hung.


  • Dead rising justin headless
    ​​​​​​Unlike Slappy there is no head underneath Justin's sack over his head.[1]*Justin's face is never seen in game, even in his notebook portrait he has a sack over his head and noose around his neck.
  • Those Seymour has already hanged were most likely his group of survivors as Justin screams "WE just needed food!".
  • Justin uses the same model as Wallace Hertzog.
  • Justin's model is "hangvictim_dead", when modding it can only be placed in the missions.txt file as part of a mission.[2]
  • Despite Justin's hands being tied up in the cutscene, his hands are at his sides during the fight.
  • His name can be taken as a pun, because he is killed by hanging and his last name is Tetherford.



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  2. Example on how this code is added to missions.txt:
    cMissionSpawnItem  hungjustin
    	ItemName = "hangvictim_dead"  
    	Location = "-292,-4,-66"
    	PropState = "-2"
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