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Katana (Dead Rising)
Type Melee
Damage 500 (Primary)
250 with drain (Thrown)
Uses 20 hits
Location Ned's Knicknackery
Ripper's Blades
Colombian Roastmasters
Dead Rising
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The katana is a fast-moving weapon in Dead Rising.

The katana is only capable of hitting one enemy at a time and breaks very easily, making it an average weapon, but is very useful against psychopaths. Its durability is increased if Frank has the Criminal Biography book in his inventory. It is considered a very useful weapon, as it is effective against both zombies and psychopaths; however, the katana deals minimal damage against other survivors.

Attacks Edit

  • Primary: Tap the 360 X button button to perform a diagonal slash. Tap the 360 X button button in succession to constantly attack. Since there is no pause in the attack animation, this will only be interrupted if Frank is attacked or if the weapon breaks.
  • Thrown: Hold down the Righttrigger trigger to go into aim mode, then tap the 360 X button button to throw the katana.



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