Kathy's Space
Dead rising Kathy's Space
Store Number R207
Location Royal Flush Plaza
Survivor(s) Bessie Kent
Rosa Collins
Erica Mayes
Mission(s) Shopping Spree
"Be the envy of the club scene. From Friday night parties to Saturday at the club, and everything in between! With outfits this hot, you'll be jumping into the VIP room in no time. "
—Map Description

Kathy's Space is a women's clothing store on the second floor of the Royal Flush Plaza in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

Bessie Kent, Rosa Collins and Erica Mayes will appear here after 8 AM on day 2 for the mission Shopping Spree. However, due to the eight survivor rule, there cannot be more than five survivors elsewhere in order for them to show up. If there are more missions from Stacey then Chuck must deal with other survivors first by saving or killing them before these three will show up.





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