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"That bitch! I hope her fat ass rots in hell!"
—Kay, on Jo's Death
"That sadistic bitch! Just thinking about her sends chills up my spine."
—Kay, upon reaching the Security Room

Kay Nelson is a survivor appearing only in Dead Rising.

She is found in Lovely Fashion House in Wonderland Plaza during the scoop Above the Law. She is one of four women being held captive and being tortured by Jo Slade.

She can only be saved after Jo's defeat.

Above the Law[]

Main article: Above the Law (Dead Rising)

Kay is seen entering a women's clothing store with a cop. Frank arrives to find Kay tied to a chair. She is being verbally abused by the police officer, Jo. Kay pleads for Frank to help her. He tries to intervene as Jo begins to torture Kay with her nightstick, but Jo demands him not to interfere with "official police business", prompting her to attack.

After Jo is defeated, Frank frees Kay and the three other hostages. He then takes the four ladies to the Security Room.

It's possible that she escaped Willamette with Otis and the others when the special forces arrived.

Infinity Mode[]

Main article: Infinity Mode

Kay appears at the Warehouse from 3:19:00 to 4:00:00, armed with a nightstick. Kay carries with her Corn, a Baseball Bat, a Hunting Knife, a Lead Pipe, and a 2" x 4".


  • Kay's character model is similar to that of the female motorist, seen being killed by zombies via Security Room monitors, though she is a brunette and has a different shirt design/style than the motorist.
  • Kay Nelson/Female Motorist's facial texture models are based on a photo of a young Lindsay Lohan [1], most likely without the actress' permission. Eye and hair color are changed and bangs in the hair texture cover L.L.'s red hair, still slightly visible in the tex file.
  • Unlike Lilly, Kelly, and Janet, Kay will remain alive as long as the scoop Above the Law is active. This is due to her having an appearance in the scoop's cutscene.
  • Ironic is her weapon choice in Infinity Mode, as a nightstick is what she was tortured and defiled with by Jo Slade.
  • Kay's belly button will register as Erotica when photographed.
  • Kay takes slightly more time than the other girls to be freed, as she is tied up as opposed to being handcuffed like the other hostages.