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"Thanks! What a relief!"
—Kelly, freed from captivity.
"It's crazy, isn't it? All of it. I can't believe I'm even alive."
—Kelly, upon reaching the Security Room and on the zombie disaster

Kelly Carpenter is a survivor appearing exclusively in Dead Rising.

She is found in the Lovely Fashion House in Wonderland Plaza during the scoop Above the Law. She is one of the female victims being held captive by Jo Slade.

Above the Law[]

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Kelly is captured by the corrupt police officer, Jo Slade, and is handcuffed to a table in Lovely Fashion House.

After Jo is defeated and killed, Frank frees Kelly and the three other hostages. He then takes Kelly and the others to the Security Room.

Note: It is possible for Kelly to already be dead when Frank reaches the Lovely Fashion House if Frank took too long to get to the scoop.

It's possible that she escaped Willamette with Otis and the others when the special forces arrived.

Infinity Mode[]

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In Infinity Mode, Kelly appears in the Ye Olde Toybox at Paradise Plaza from 6:19:00 to 7:00:00, and is armed with a bass guitar. She also carries a Servbot Mask, a Water Gun, a Bucket, Gems, and package of Ice Pops.


  • Kelly does not appear in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.
  • Kelly will defend herself for a brief moment if left standing at a point.
  • Kelly is one of the youngest survivors, along with Paul.