Kelsey Louise
Kelsey Louise
Location Low Cost Luxury
PP 25,000

Kelsey Louise is a survivor in Dead Rising 3.

She is found during the side mission Kin & Comfort in Chapter 5. Kelsey is stranded on the rooftop of Low Cost Luxury, trying to signal for help with a Flare Gun and a 'HELP' sign she made out of 2x4's.

Kin & Comfort

When Nick finds Kelsey, she will explain that she was coming in to Los Perdidos by bus for a family reunion. When she arrived, however, the outbreak had already started and she had no way to get to her family. Nick will offer to reunite her with her family. Kelsey says that her sister Mabel Louise is waiting for her at her Aunt's house.

At the Family House, Kelsey finds her family have turned into zombies. After Nick lays the zombified family to rest she will mourn their passing and become an ally.


  • Toughness 2/5
  • Strength 2/5
  • Ranged 3/5
  • Break Out 3/5
  • Run Speed 3/5


  • She is the only survivor to be seen carrying a Flare Gun. Although she's equipped with it when Nick finds her, she will not re-equip the weapon if she's given something else and then Nick attempts to give the Flare Gun back to her. 
  • The 2x4's used to make the 'Help' sign can be used for crafting. 
  • She has a strong Southern accent, as well as her cowgirl apparel suggests her family resides somewhere near or in Texas. 
  • Kelsey's appearance bears a resembleance to Applejack from Equestria Girls.


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