Kenneth Walsh
Dead rising kenneth bust
Age 67
Notebook Number 029
Notebook Description A heroic father-in-law. Found in Shanks knife store in the Palisades Mall.
Weapon Bowie Knife
Location Shanks
Scoop(s) Welcome to the Family
PP 8,000 (Join)
16,000 (Escort)

"This brings me back to my younger days."
—Kenneth Walsh, reaching the Safe House

Kenneth Walsh is a survivor in Dead Rising 2 who can be found during the mission Welcome to the Family. He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.

Welcome to the FamilyEdit

Kenneth was in Fortune City with his son-in-law, Jack Ellis, to spend time getting to know him, especially as Jack married his daughter, Kazmina Ellis. However, the outbreak cut their bonding trip short and the men took refuge inside Shanks, a knives store.

Chuck find Kenneth and Jack inside, while Jack is cowering in the corner, Kenneth fights the zombies with a single bowie knife. After the zombies are cleared out inside the store, Chuck is able to recruit Kenneth and Jack into his party and lead them back to the emergency shelter.


  • Kenneth has a blue shirt in his notebook picture, while in the game he has a yellow shirt. He wears this same shirt in the achievement picture for Saving the Day. The notebook photo is corrected for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.
  • He shares a last name with Susan Walsh, the old woman trapped on the ball in Dead Rising's The Woman Left Behind
  • He shares his character model with Noah Hawthorne.
  • Kenneth makes an appearance in the Terror is Reality game Bounty Hunter.
  • If Jack is killed, Kenneth will lament that "at least he will not have loser grandchildren."
  • The game text has an entry called "Ken Red Fighting Outfit"[1] there is also a clothing emote called, "male clothing emote ken" in the sgraph.txt file.
  • Kenneth runs a little slower than other survivors.
  • Kenneth has a little resemble with the actor Kenneth A. Walsh, even more than having the same name.



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