Kent DeMare
Kent Demare
Weapon Bowie Knife
Location Speedy's G Spot
Health 200

Kent DeMare is a hostile survivor in Dead Rising 3.

Blood BarterEdit

Nick finds Kent and Jesse in Speedy's G Spot. Kent has swindled Troy out of his deceased daughter's locket, and Nick has come to ask for it back. Kent refuses to give the locket back and proceeds to fight Nick.

After he is killed, Nick can pick up the locket and recruit Jesse if he wasn't killed in the fight. 

Stats (Found In Files)Edit

  • Toughness 3/5
  • Strength 2/5
  • Ranged 4/5
  • Break Out 4/5
  • Run Speed 3/5


  • Kent's dialogue implies he's been swindling survivors for some time, and Jesse's plea reinforces that idea.
  • If the player is careful with their routing, it's possible to have Big D (another hostile survivor who join's Nick's party before defecting) kill Kent.
  • Kent is the only hostile survivor to have a full name.
  • Unlike the other Hostile survivors, Kent has two posse members behind his defeat. The only other mission to offer multiple posse members rewarded for its completion is Play Time by defeating Dylan.
  • Kent, along with Joey, Hank, Kyla, and Bernard were intended to appear in an unused Ending labelled "Ending X".[1]


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