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"Oh, Frank! Oh, Frank! How can you even show me crap like this? Y'know, I really don't think you're cut out for stuff like this. Oh, I cannot stop laughing!"
—Kent, on criticizing Frank's photography

Kent Swanson is a psychopath appearing in Dead Rising and a zombie in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.

He is an incredibly jealous photographer who was encountered in Paradise Plaza during the scoops Cut From the Same Cloth, Photo Challenge, and Photographer's Pride.

Cut From the Same Cloth[]

Main article: Cut From the Same Cloth

Kent is seen wandering in Paradise Plaza, shooting photos of zombies with his camera and shooting them with his handgun. As Frank approached him, Kent attempted to coach him on how to properly photograph a subject. He offered to model for Frank and challenged him to take better photos than the ones he took.

If Frank failed to photograph Kent as he requested, he will fail this scoop and Kent will not be encountered again.

Photo Challenge[]

Main article: Photo Challenge

As per their agreement, Frank met up with Kent to deliver the pictures he took. Kent demanded to see Frank's most Erotic shot. After seeing Frank's photos, he challenged Frank to a final showdown the next day.

If Frank failed to show Kent a photo with an Erotica rating higher than Prestige points icon.png 500 prestige points, he will fail this scoop and Kent will walk away, laughing, and will not be encountered again.

Photographer's Pride[]

Main article: Photographer's Pride

Kent returned at noon the next day with a survivor, Tad Hawthorne. He revealed that he had the idea of taking a photo the moment a person is zombified, and throws a zombie larva at Tad. Enraged‚ Frank quickly stomps on it, saving Tad and ruining Kent's shot. This prompted Kent to attack Frank in anger and disbelief.

If Frank failed to show up before noon, Kent will reveal that he has already shot his desired photo, showing Frank a picture of Tad with a parasite crawling into his mouth. He then pointed his gun at Frank's head and stripped him of his clothes and weapons. After declaring that a photograph of Frank being killed will bring him to the top, Kent attacked Frank.

Regardless of whether Frank showed up before noon or not, after he is defeated, Kent requested Frank to take a picture of him as he dies, saying "It'll look great on your mantle." Frank refused and tossed Kent's camera away in disgust as the fallen photographer dies.

Defeating Kent rewards Frank with a photography book, which respawns in front of Colombian Roastmasters in Paradise Plaza.

Infinity Mode[]

In Infinity Mode, Kent first appears at the Paradise Plaza from 2:07:00 to 3:00:00 and is armed with a Handgun. In his equipment he carries a Pie, a Coffee Creamer, a Well Done Steak and a Sword. Later Kent appears at Warehouse from 5:00:00 to 5:07:00 and he carries the same items he had before.

Chop Till You Drop[]

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This article is from a game that is considered to be non-canon.

In Chop Till You Drop, Kent appears as a zombie. Zombie Kent wears a camera around his neck that flashes at regular intervals. He can attack Frank by a jump kick, by firing his handgun at him, or by throwing a grenade.

Battle Style[]

Unlike most other psychopaths, Kent does not possess a unique weapon. Aside from his camera, he uses only a handgun. However, his speed and the possibility to strip Frank of his weapons makes Kent a legitimate opponent.

  • Jump Kick: He attacks mainly by jump kicking in a manner similar to Frank's jump kick. This attack is capable of knocking Frank to the floor. It is a Photo Op.
  • Handgun: If Frank is far away, Kent will pull out his handgun and fire several shots consecutively to stun Frank.
  • Roll: Kent can also do a quick roll on the floor to get away from Frank or to close the distance between them. At the end of the roll, he can follow up with a jump kick.
  • Tackle: If Frank is far away from Kent, he will start running towards Frank, trying to knock him over.
  • Bare Hands: Kent can also use his bare hands against Frank. He can also kick Frank while he is on the floor. 


  • In Chop Till You Drop, Kent appears as a zombie.
  • Zombie Kent can speak in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.
  • He is one of the only Psychopaths who will help the player character out in killing zombies.
  • When Frank kills a Zombie Kent in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, he gets a Molotov Cocktail instead of a grenade that Kent uses.
  • Kent carries four cameras on him at all times. He is introduced with a cutscene in the scoop Killing Time.
  • It is possible to skip the Kent storyline entirely during the initial encounter with him. If the player managed to obtain the Shotgun from The Entrance Plaza during the prologue, it can be used to kill Kent with a single headshot. Once the player begins Kent's Photography Tutorial, this will no longer be possible, as Kent's defense will be increased dramatically. 
  • If Frank ignores Otis's call about Cut From the Same Cloth and never receives the scoop, after 8pm upon entering Colombian Roastmasters, Kent (with no health bar) will immediately scream and drop dead.
  • Kent will still be registered as a psychopath if he is photographed or killed during Cut From the Same Cloth or Photo Challenge.
  • If Frank is already in Paradise Plaza at noon on the second day, the scoop will still be triggered, as Kent will spawn out of nowhere and behave as he usually does. This makes "Photo Challenge" the only unannounced scoop that can be triggered without leaving the area where it takes place.

Larry Butz

  • Kent bears a resemblance to Larry Butz from Capcom's Ace Attorney series, as well as real-life infomercial pitchman Vince Offer, who in turn resembles the Scout from Team Fortress 2.
    • However, unlike Larry, Kent is very competitive while Larry is a slacker.
  • Kent is similar to Dead Rising 2's Leon Bell and Dead Rising 3's Kenny Dermot as he is in the same profession as the protagonist and all are convinced that they are superior to the protagonist. Also, both Kent and Kenny were met by the protagonists in side missions before their psychopath battle.
  • Kent's pose is the same one as Gil
  • As a friendly survivor, he, Snowflake, and Tomomi Miyamoto are the only survivors to have unique attacks, in his case, he will use his move set as a psychopath, such as his tackle and jump kick.
  • Ironically, despite calling Frank an amateur, his appearance is evocative of somebody who does photography for fun instead of doing it as work.
  • Kent is one of the six psychopaths who Frank encounters more than twice. The others are Carlito Keyes, Convicts and Isabela Keyes (who is, like Kent, a psychopath only for one mission).
  • While it is extremely rare, Kent can be killed by zombies while waiting for Frank to show him the photos in Paradise Plaza during Photo Challenge.
  • If Frank hits Kent he will say:
    • "Knock that off, I am a pacifist.",
    • "Don't touch me! I'm a pacifist. You tryin' to kill me or something?",
    • "Dammit! What's wrong with you!? Dick!",
    • "Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! Take a picture, dammit!"
    • Kent will then follow Frank or shoot at Frank until he hits him once.
  • He might have been based on Mark Lewis from the 1960 horror movie Peeping Tom as they both always have cameras with them and take pictures of their victims before they die to capture their reactions then they want to have their deaths recorded when they die.
  • Players were initially intended to be able to use photos saved from previous playthroughs of 72 Hour Mode and Overtime Mode to suffice the requirements of Photo Challenge, thus saving the players some time in subsequent playthroughs. In the final version, Photo Challenge requires an Erotica photo taken that playthrough, and the player will fail Photo Challenge if their camera viewer is full with photos saved from previous playthroughs.
  • Kent does count towards the Psychopath Photo achievements.
  • It is possible that Kent is one of four survivors who escaped the Entrance Plaza outbreak alive, as Kent's photos of Dana and Verlene took place before the outbreak started. The other three to make it out would be Frank, Isabela, and Dr. Barnaby
  • He is also one of three other males to have a spiked hair style. The others include Frank West and Chris Hines
  • If Frank is already in Paradise Plaza for the last scoop before Kent's psychopath battle (Photographer's Pride), Kent won't strip Frank down to his underwear and chain him up. He will just fight Kent in the original location with all clothes and weapons.




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