Killing Time
Killing time zombie kent
Location Entrance Plaza
Psychopath(s) Zombie Kent
Dead Rising
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Killing Time is an exclusive Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop scoop which takes place on the second day.


Otis tells Frank about reducing the number of zombies in Entrance Plaza. There is a cutscene introducing Zombie Kent, who shoots, kicks and throws grenades. Frank will need to travel through the empty Entrance Plaza to the end and start killing the zombies. When Frank has killed enough zombies Otis asks Frank return and awards him the with the Blue Mixed Juice.[1]


Killing time mixed juice blue reward

Otis rewards Frank with Blue Mixed Juice.

  • Otis: Frank...Packs of zombies are pouring into the Entrance Plaza!
  • Otis: You should probably take care of them before the situation gets out of hand.
  • Otis: Leave the search for the woman to me. You deal with the zombies in the Entrance Plaza. OK?

After scoop is complete:

  • Otis: Frank, it looks like the zombies are backing off. Why don't you head back here?
  • Otis: I'll be waiting for you in the Security Room.
  • Otis: Frank! So you made it back safe. huh?
  • Otis: Looks like you took care of most of those zombies. We should be OK for now. I'm really grateful. Frank. Here. take this.


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