Kin & Comfort is a side mission in Dead Rising 3.

This mission can be attempted at the start of Chapter 5.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Nick can find Kelsey Louise on the rooftop of Low Cost Luxury signaling for help. By speaking to Kelsey, she will explain that she came to Los Perdidos for a family reunion, but arrived late and got caught up in the outbreak. She would like to find the way to her family, but doesn't know her way around the city. Nick offers to take her to the rest of her family.

Kelsey's family can be found at the Family House in Sunset Hills. Kelsey will unlock the door (which is locked until this mission is completed), and ask Nick to come inside so that her family can thank him. Inside, Kelsey finds that her family have become zombies. Nick must kill Kelsey's zombified family to end their suffering.

After her family has been dealt with, Nick can speak to Kelsey again. She's upset about her family's fate, but is glad that they can now rest in peace. After Nick comforts her, she decides to go with him and joins his posse.

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