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The Knee Drop is a skill in Dead Rising. It allows the player to jump off high ledges without having to take damage, as well as kill zombies below. To perform this skill, jump, go down on the left stick, and hit the X button.


  • Propane tank zombies, cart zombies, knife-wielding zombies, and fat male zombies take two knee drops to kill. All other zombies only take one.
  • During the same moment of air time, you can't perform the knee drop after accidentally jump kicking or running off a ledge rather than jumping off it.
  • The attack power of the knee drop is always the same regardless of the height you use it from.
  • If you ever need to quickly get from the second floor to the first without touching the rails, you can use Zombie Ride to jump off a zombie, over the rail, and use the knee drop after.
  • You can use the knee drop to disattach the limbs of dead zombies.