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"I know I've said this before, but that's the last time I drink that much."
—Kristin, arriving at the Safe House

Kristin Harris is a survivor in Dead Rising 2 who appears during the mission Lush-ious Lady. She reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.

Lush-ious Lady[]

Before the zombie outbreak, Kristin worked as a show girl in Fortune City. The night before the outbreak, she is partying at a bachelor party with a man named Josh and his friends. The partygoers keep buying Kristin drinks until she passed out. The next day, she is found throwing up inside of a security room in the Americana Casino due to her drinking heavily the night before. Due to passing out, she is unaware of the zombies, still slurring her words and talking about how attractive Tyrone King is. Once Chuck makes the zombie outbreak aware to her, she will go with Chuck to the Safe House.

Kristin moves very slowly, but can be carried or transported by wheelchair to the Fortune City Emergency Shelter.

After being escorted back to the Safe House, she will don a blue robe and a pair of red high heels. Also, she and two other survivors may challenge Chuck to a game of strip poker in the mission Ante Up.


  • If Chuck is carrying the Leadership magazine, Kristin can run normally.
  • The zombified showgirls found in the casinos wear the same headpiece Kristen wears.
  • In her notebook picture, she wears a red feathered crown, along with the blue robe and necklace she dons once reaching the Safe House.
  • There is another survivor with the same last name as her, Willa Harris. However, it is unlikely they are related.
  • She has the same last name as Lindsay Harris; a victim in the original Dead Rising who was killed when the zombies broke into the mall.
  • Kristin has five models in the PC files:
    • Kristin_0 is nude, used in the poker game,
    • Kristin_1 is only in a bikini.
    • Kristin_2 is minus foot wear, gloves, and necklace.
    • Kristin_3 and Kristin_4 is Kristin with various clothing removed.
    • Kristin_5 is Kristin in her full outfit.
  • Kristen awards Erotica points when her breasts and crotch are photographed.