Don't Look Now 1
Voice Actor Heather Halley
Location Security Services Inc.
Mission(s) Don't Look Now
PP 25,000

"Trust me, it's the government that's behind all of this zombie shit! Jesus, wake up!"
—Kyla's thoughts on the outbreak

Kyla is a survivor in Dead Rising 3.

She is encountered in the side mission Don't Look Now during Chapter 5. She is hiding in the security room of Security Services Inc. in Central City, working on some rather interesting conspiracy theories.

She seems to be paranoid that she's been watched, and that the government has sent somebody to come and find her.

Don't Look NowEdit

When Nick meets Kyla, she is working on a rather involved conspiracy theory about how the government caused the zombie outbreak. Nick tells her that it's a bold conspiracy, and asks if she has any proof. She thinks that some incriminating proof may have been thrown away, and asks Nick if he would be into doing some dumpster diving.

Nick must then go through five different piles of trash spread out through Central City to bring Kyla back three suspicious documents. Once he's found he documents, he can return them to Kyla. She's satisfied that the papers help support her theory, and the mission will be completed.